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2023 DAGsi Student Research presentations

Ashton Williams (RH)

Anomaly Detection in
Multi-Seasonal Time Series Data

Faculty Member: Dr. Soon Chung

AFRL Sponsor: Dr. Vincent Schmidt

Daniel Tyree (RH)

Determination of vibrational state energy from THz rotational spectra: Urea assignment of the ground and first eight excited vibrational states

Faculty Member: Dr. Ivan Medvedev

AFRL Sponsor: Dr. Steve Kim

Brennan Swick (RX)

Industrial Robot Imitation Learning for Manufacturing Assembly Tasks

Faculty Member: Dr. Michael Groeber

AFRL Sponsor: Dr. Dr. Andrew Gillman

Aaron Winget (RX)

Intelligent Algorithms for the Optimization of Rare Earth Cation Force Field Parameters

Faculty Member: Dr. Kevin Hinkle

AFRL Sponsor: Dr. Rajiv Berry

Mariah Schwartz (RY)

Antimonide-Based Planar Avalanche Photodiodes on InP Substrates for Short Wave Infrared Applications

Faculty Member: Dr.Sanjay Krishna

AFRL Sponsor: Dr. Charles Reyner

Lucas Clark (RY)

Direct Ink Write Processing Of Signal Crossovers Using Aerosol Jet Printing Method

Faculty Member: Dr. Ahsan Mian

AFRL Sponsor: Dr. Emily Heckman

Bernie Melus (RY)

Inverse Design of Photonic Interconnects for Heterogeneous Integration

Faculty Member: Prof. Ronald M. Reano

AFRL Sponsor: Dr. Joseph S. Suelzer

JinHong Chen (RY)

Reinforcement Learning Applied to Reconfigurable Hardware in Contested Environment

Faculty Member: Prof. Waleed Khalil
and Dr. Shane Smith

AFRL Sponsor: Tony Quach

Ryan Sauder (RQ)

Unsteady Aerodynamics and Heat Transfer in Turbines

Faculty Member: Dr. Mitch Wolff

AFRL Sponsor: Dr. John Clark 


Bryce Mazurowski (RQ)

Multiscale Modeling of Composite Materials with the Generalized Finite Element Method

Faculty Member: Armando Duarte

AFRL Sponsor:Dr. Dr. Patrick O’Hara

Zach Carner (RQ)

Study of High-Energy Loads Thermal Performance Under Aircraft Mission Profile Conditions

Faculty Member: Dr. Mitch Wolff

AFRL Sponsor: Dr. Abdeel Román

Rachel Tullis (RQ)

Investigation of Surface Roughness Effects on Additively Manufactured Metals Under Dynamic Loading

Faculty Member: Nathan Klingbeil
and Joy Gockel

AFRL Sponsor: Dino Celli

Ethan Fitz (RQ)

Physics-Inspired Deep Learning Techniques for Modeling and Control of Complex Aircraft

Faculty Member: Manish Kumar
and Prashant Khare

AFRL Sponsor: Michael Bolender
and David Casbeer

TJ Miller (RQ)

Temporal Convergence and Stability Assessment of the Generalized Finite Element Method for Multi-Scale Field Problems

Faculty Member: Dr. Jack McNamara

AFRL Sponsor: Dr. Pat O’Hara


Drew Scott (RQ)

Noise Aware Path Planning for Hybrid UAVs

Faculty Member: Dr. Manish Kumar

AFRL Sponsor: Dr. David Casbeer

Ryan O'Rorke (RQ)

Improved Operability of Hypersonic Inlets with Fluidic Injection

Faculty Member: Dr. Daniel Cuppoletti

AFRL Sponsor: Tyler Gardner

Roderick Cochran (RX)

Deterministic Defect Generation in few-layer hBN

Faculty Member: Prof. Daniel J. Gauthier

AFRL Sponsor: Dr. Luke Bissell

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