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Excellence awards ANNUAL lists

SOCHE recognizes the importance of acknowledging the outstanding faculty and staff at our member institutions. To that end, the consortium has sponsored an annual awards program to honor the incredible talent and dedication represented by personnel on member campuses across the state. Click the links below to view each year’s awardees.

2020-2021 Excellence Award Winners

Cedarville UniversityAndrew StrawAsst. Prof. of Pharmacy Practice2020-2021
Cedarville UniversityDr. Joshua KiraAsst. Prof. of Philosophy and Theology2020-2021
Cedarville UniversityRob McDoleDirector of the Center for Teaching and Learning2020-2021
Central State UniversityDr. Nanyi QiangAssistant Professor of Music2020-2021
Central State UniversityDr. Mohammadreza HadizadehAssistant Professor of Physics2020-2021
Cincinnati State Techncial and Community CollegeJon P. McKamey, PhDInstructional Designer/Professor2020-2021
Cincinnati State Technical and Community CollegeJulianna JohnsDirector2020-2021
Cincinnati State Technical and Community CollegeJodie DriggsEnd User and Classroom Support Specialist2020-2021
Cincinnati State Technical and Community CollegePatricia ‘Patty’ EdwardsManager, End User & Classroom Support2020-2021
Clark State Community CollegeTammy WattProfessor of Social Services Technology2020-2021
Clark State Community CollegeLynn GeistInstructor, Human Resources and Management2020-2021
Edison State Community CollegeBeth BengoughAssociate Professor of Psychology2020-2021
Edison State Community CollegeErynn HanfordAssistant Professor of Physical Therapist Assistant2020-2021
Franklin UniversityPatrice PamUndergraduate Academic Advisor2020-2021
Franklin UniversityManuela SmithGraduate Admissions Advisor2020-2021
Franklin UniversityMeghan RaehllAssistant Dean2020-2021
Franklin UniversityAnnette HoelzerLead Faculty2020-2021
Kettering CollegeLaurie BromagenAssociate Professor2020-2021
Kettering CollegeTom RuleProfessor2020-2021
Kettering CollegeGeorge ShterevInstructional Technologist2020-2021
Miami University RegionalsDr. Jeff H. KuznekoffAssociate Professor2020-2021
Miami University RegionalsJerry MartinRegional Director of Regional Campus Global Programs2020-2021
Miami University RegionalsMaggie SimpsonSenior Student Services Technician2020-2021
Miami UniversityDr. Camilla M. McMahonAssistant Professor2020-2021
Southern State Community CollegeDr. Sara NielsenChemistry Instructor2020-2021
Southern State Community CollegeKelly SchradinAssociate Professor of Biology2020-2021
University of CincinnatiBert LockwoodDistinguished Service Professor of Law and Director, Urban Morgan Institute for Human Rights, College of Law2020-2021
University of CincinnatiKaren Machleit, PhDProfessor and Department Head, Department of Marketing2020-2021
University of DaytonDr. Jun-Ki ChoiAssociate Professor2020-2021
University of DaytonDr. Umesh HaritashyaAssociate Professor and Mann Chair in the Natural Sciences2020-2021
University of DaytonProfessor Andrea SeielstadProfessor of Law and Director of Clinical Programs2020-2021
University of DaytonKristen Altenau KeenAssistant Dean of Students and Director of the Brook Center2020-2021
University of DaytonRobin OldfieldARC Assistant Vice President Compliance, Internal Audit & Chief Risk Officer2020-2021
University of DaytonDr. Jun-Ki ChoiAssociate Professor2020-2021
Wilberforce UniversityDr. Deok NamProfessor of Computer Science and Computer Engineering2020-2021
Wilmington CollegeEileen BowmanOffice Manager – Physical Plant2020-2021
Wilmington CollegeJill YoungDirector, Student Health Services2020-2021
Wilmington CollegeJane BoganAssociate Professor of Education2020-2021
Wilmington CollegeDaryl NashAssistant Professor of Agriculture2020-2021
Wittenberg UniversityDr. Julius BaileyAssociate Professor of Philosophy and Director of African and Diaspora Studies2020-2021
Wittenberg UniversityJenna UnterseherAssistant Registrar2020-2021
Wittenberg UniversityEllen CrosbieHead Certified Athletic Trainer2020-2021
Wittenberg UniversityDr. Brian D. YontzAssociate Professor of Education2020-2021

2019-2020 Excellence Award Winners

Air Force Institute of TechnologyAmy CoxAssistant Professor of Systems Engineering2019-2020
Air Force Institute of TechnologyRichard MansfieldElectronic Resources Librarian for the D’Azzo Research Library2019-2020
Air Force Institute of TechnologyDr. Brian J. LundayAssociate Professor of Operations Research2019-2020
Air Force Institute of TechnologyDr. Benjamin F. AkersAssociate Professor of Mathematics2019-2020
Air Force Institute of TechnologyTim FrazierExecutive Support Officer of Graduate School of Engineering and Management2019-2020
Antioch CollegeLuisa BieriAssistant Professor of Cooperative Education2019-2020
Cedarville UniversityEsther LanhamAdministrative Assistant for the Department of Social Work2019-2020
Cedarville UniversityDan EstesDistinguished Professor of Old Testament, School of Biblical and Theological Studies2019-2020
Cedarville UniversityKim HigginbothamAsst. Prof. of Nursing, Asst. Dean/Director of Graduate Programs for the School of Nursing2019-2020
Cedarville UniversityKelly HellwigAdministrative Assistant to the Assistant Dean of Graduate Programs2019-2020
Cedarville UniversityMichael ShepherdAssociate Professor of Biblical Studies2019-2020
Cedarville UniversityFran CampbellRegistrar2019-2020
Central State UniversityEdith DavidsonAssociate Professor and Department Chair for the Department of Business Administration2019-2020
Central State UniversityW. Lynn RigsbeeChair, Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences2019-2020
Central State UniversityDr. Amy Hobbs HarrisProfessor of English2019-2020
Central State UniversityJeng-Hong ChenAssociate Professor of Business Administration2019-2020
Cincinnati State Technical and Community CollegeLinda Romero-SmithAcademic Advisor for the Department of Enrollment and Student Development2019-2020
Cincinnati State Technical and Community CollegeDebbie GreenleeDirector of the Success Center2019-2020
Cincinnati State Technical and Community CollegeCindy SeftonDirector, Johnnie Mae Berry Library2019-2020
Cincinnati State Technical and Community CollegeMark TiemeierDepartment Chair of Biology 2019-2020
Cincinnati State Technical and Community CollegeMarianne NieseProgram Chair of Human and Social Services 2019-2020
Cincinnati State Technical and Community CollegeNeisha WileyCounselor2019-2020
Clark State Community CollegeJessica JohnsonAssistant Professor of Nursing2019-2020
Clark State Community CollegeDee MalcuitProfessor of Sociology 2019-2020
Clark State Community CollegeJohn HaleProfessor of Business and Applied Technology 2019-2020
Edison State Community CollegeKerry DowlingInstructor of Nursing2019-2020
Edison State Community CollegeEileen ThompsonAssociate Professor of English2019-2020
Miami University RegionalsDr. Brian KeaneProfessor for the Department of Biological Sciences2019-2020
Miami University RegionalsChristina GroteSenior Academic Advisor2019-2020
Miami University RegionalsAaron RennerSystems Administrator I for Regional Technology Services2019-2020
Miami University RegionalsDr. Jennifer YamashiroTeaching Professor of Humanities and Creative Arts 2019-2020
Miami University RegionalsSusan BaimProfessor of Commerce2019-2020
Miami University RegionalsJackie WebbAdministrative Assistant, Department of External Relations & Communications2019-2020
Sinclair Community CollegeMyla Cardona-JonesInstructor, Department of Law and Public Safety2019-2020
Sinclair Community CollegeCari GigliottiAssociate Professor of Chemistry2019-2020
Sinclair Community CollegeMia HubbardInstructor of Communication2019-2020
Southern State Community CollegeDr. David GarippaAssistant Professor of Biology and Biotechnology2019-2020
University of DaytonRyan W. McEwanAssociate Professor for the Department of Biology2019-2020
University of DaytonDr. Shuang-Ye WuProfessor for the Department of Geology2019-2020
University of DaytonDr. Yvonne SunAssistant Professor of Biology2019-2020
Urbana UniversityChloe Hart, Ph.D.Science Lab Manager for the College of Art, Science, and Technology2019-2020
Urbana UniversityKelly Evans-WilsonExecutive Director of Student Affairs and Retention2019-2020
Urbana UniversityBrenda Jones, PhDDepartment Chair, Communications & Behavioral Sciences 2019-2020
Urbana UniversityShana LovelessAdministrative Director of Academic Affairs2019-2020
Wilmington CollegeCarl CoatneyEquipment Manager, Department of Athletics2019-2020
Wilmington CollegeAudrey WagstaffAssociate Professor of Social Science2019-2020
Wilmington CollegeDebbie TrianceStudent One Stop Representative2019-2020
Wilmington CollegeRussell KincaidProfessor of Mathematics2019-2020
Wilmington CollegeAlan LedfordAssistant Professor of Sport Management2019-2020
Wilmington CollegePatti KinsingerHead Reference Librarian of the Watson Library 2019-2020
Wittenberg UniversityMike DaigaAssistant Professor for the Department of Education2019-2020
Wittenberg UniversityDaniel MarousAssistant Professor for the Department of Chemistry2019-2020
Wittenberg UniversityBret BillhardtSenior Associate Athletic Director for Internal Operations 2019-2020
Wittenberg UniversityElizabeth GeorgeProfessor of Physics2019-2020
Wittenberg UniversityBeth HallauerAcademic/Administrative Assistant of Math, Computer Science and Honors2019-2020
Wittenberg UniversityJon DurajSr. Associate Dean of Students2019-2020

2018-2019 Excellence Award Winners

Air Force Institute of Technology  Jason Anderson Assistant Professor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management 2018-2019
Air Force Institute of Technology Jacob Freeman Deputy Department Head and Assistant Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics 2018-2019
Air Force Institute of Technology Robert D. Loper Research Assistant Professor of Physics 2018-2019
Air Force Institute of Technology Scott Nykl Assistant Professor of Computer Science 2018-2019
Air Force Institute of Technology Christine M. Schubert Kabban Associate Professor of Statistics 2018-2019
Air Force Institute of Technology Jeremy Slagley Assistant Professor of Systems Engineering & Management 2018-2019
Antioch College Julia Schiavone Camacho Assistant Professor of Latin American History 2018-2019
Antioch College Mary Ann Davis Assistant Professor of Western Literature 2018-2019
Antioch College Didier Franco Instructor of Spanish Language & Culture 2018-2019
Antioch College Brian Kot Assistant Professor of Biology & Environmental Science 2018-2019
Antioch College Rahul Nair Assistant Professor of World History 2018-2019
Antioch College Dean Snyder Assistant Professor of Political Economy 2018-2019
Cedarville University Seth Hamman Associate Professor of Computer Science 2018-2019
Cedarville University Adam Hammett Associate Professor of Mathematics 2018-2019
Cedarville University Austin Jaquith Associate Professor of Music Theory and Composition 2018-2019
Cedarville University Emily Laswell Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice 2018-2019
Cedarville University Barb Loach Professor of Spanish, English, Literature, and Modern Languages 2018-2019
Cedarville University Robert Parr Senior Professor of Sociology, History & Government 2018-2019
Central State University Jonathan Holmes Assistant Professor of Humanities 2018-2019
Central State University Omesh Johar Assistant Professor of Psychology, Social & Behavioral Sciences 2018-2019
Central State University Anthony Milburn Chair, Department of Humanities 2018-2019
Central State University Katie Shinkle Assistant Professor of Humanities 2018-2019
Central State University Rajeev Swami Chair and Professor of Education 2018-2019
Central State University Kevin Tennon Assistant Professor of Accounting 2018-2019
Cincinnati State Technical & Community College Tom Burns Professor of Civil Engineering Technology 2018-2019
Cincinnati State Technical & Community College Brian Hooten Co-op Coordinato 2018-2019
Cincinnati State Technical & Community College Stanislava Kantcheva Professor of Accounting 2018-2019
Cincinnati State Technical & Community College Marianne Niese Chair of Addiction Studies 2018-2019
Cincinnati State Technical & Community College Peggy Rolfsen Professor of Biology 2018-2019
Cincinnati State Technical & Community College Joanne Steelman Instructor of Mathematics 2018-2019
Clark State Community College Lisa Crispin Associate Professor of Licensed Practical Nursing 2018-2019
Clark State Community College Lawrence Everett Professor and Coordinator of Precision Agriculture, Business and Applied Technology 2018-2019
Clark State Community College Susan Everett Professorm of Business and Applied Technology 2018-2019
Clark State Community College Carol Miller Instructor of Psychology, Arts & Sciences 2018-2019
Edison State Community College Dustin Wenrich Assistant Professor of English 2018-2019
Edison State Community College Sandra Streitenberger Associate Professor of Accounting 2018-2019
Kettering College Elizabeth Golba Associate Professor of Respiratory Care 2018-2019
Miami University Regionals Marianne Cotugno Associate Professor of Languages, Literatures, and Writing 2018-2019
Miami University Regionals Donna Evans Senior Lecturer of Computer and Information Technology 2018-2019
Miami University Regionals Tracey Hoffman Assistant Professor of Education 2018-2019
Miami University Regionals Michelle Lawrence Visiting Faculty Member, 2018-2019
Miami University Regionals Tom Mays Associate Professor of Commerce 2018-2019
Miami University Regionals Barbard Oswald Assistant Professor of Social and Behavioral Sciences 2018-2019
Miami University Regionals Leland Spencer Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary and Communication Studies 2018-2019
Sinclair Community College Dair Arnold Assistant Professor of English 2018-2019
Sinclair Community College Valerie Cope Faculty of Mathematics 2018-2019
Sinclair Community College Angela Fernandez Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice 2018-2019
Sinclair Community College Heidi McGohan Program Director of Occupational Therapy 2018-2019
Southern State Community College Jody Bishop Associate Professor of Sociology 2018-2019
University of Dayton Jackie M. Arnold Assistant Professor of Education 2018-2019
University of Dayton Sandra Furterer Assistant Professor of Engineering Management Systems and Technology 2018-2019
University of Dayton Jeffrey Jones Professor of Art and Design 2018-2019
University of Dayton Jeff Schmitt Associate Professor of Law 2018-2019
University of Dayton Feng Ye Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering 2018-2019
University of Dayton Lynne Yengulalp Associate Professor of Mathematics 2018-2019
Wilberforce University Buffy Andrews Adjunct Instructor of Continuing Education 2018-2019
Wilberforce University Charles Fox Director of Telecommunications and Assistant Professor of Mass Communications 2018-2019
Wilmington College Al Beatty Assistant Professor of Accounting 2018-2019
Wilmington College Savitha Krishna Assistant Professor of Biology 2018-2019
Wittenberg University Sha’Dawn Battle Assistant Professor of English 2018-2019
Wittenberg University Alyssa Hoofnagle Assistant Professor of Mathematics 2018-2019
Wittenberg University Adam Parker Professor of Mathematics 2018-2019
Wittenberg University Cynthia Richards Professor of English 2018-2019
Wright State University Kristen Halling Professor of Modern Language 2018-2019
Wright State University Kerry Martin Instructor of Economics 2018-2019

2017-2018 Excellence Award Winners

Air Force Institute of TechnologyAnthony L. FranzAssistant Professor of Physics2017-2018
Air Force Institute of TechnologyCarl R. HartsfieldAssistant Professor of Aerospace Engineering2017-2018
Air Force Institute of TechnologyDr. Douglas D. HodsonAssociate Professor of Computer Engineering2017-2018
Air Force Institute of TechnologyDr. Brian J. LundayAssociate Professor of Operational Sciences2017-2018
Air Force Institute of TechnologyDr. Michael MillerAssociate Professor of Systems Integration2017-2018
Air Force Institute of TechnologyJonah A. ReegerAssistant Professor of Mathematics2017-2018
Antioch CollegeBeth BridgemanCooperative Education Instructor2017-2018
Antioch CollegeBrooke BryanCooperative Education Instructor2017-2018
Antioch CollegeKelly GallagherAssistant Professor of Media Arts2017-2018
Antioch CollegeKim LandsbergenAssociate Professor of Biology & Environmental Science2017-2018
Antioch CollegeSean PayneAssistant Professor of Political Economy2017-2018
Antioch CollegeFlavia Sancier-BarbosaAssistant Professor of Mathematic & Statistics2017-2018
Antioch University MidwestSonya FultzChair of Undergraduate Studies2017-2018
Antioch University MidwestHays MoultonChair of Education and Interdisciplinary Studies2017-2018
Antioch University MidwestMichele NobelChair of Education 2017-2018
Antioch University MidwestRand OliverChair of Management 2017-2018
Antioch University MidwestDenise SharpClinical Faculty of Education2017-2018
Antioch University MidwestSteve ShawCore Faculty of Library 2017-2018
Cedarville UniversityDr. Melissa BurnsAssistant Professor of Biology2017-2018
Cedarville UniversityJohn DelanoAssociate Professor of Information Technology Management2017-2018
Cedarville UniversityJohn R. GilhoolyAssistant Professor of Philosophy and Theology2017-2018
Cedarville UniversityTim NormanDistinguished Professor of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering2017-2018
Cedarville UniversityAnnis ShaverProfessor of German and Linguistics2017-2018
Cedarville UniversityDenise SimpsonAssistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences2017-2018
Central State UniversityDr. Kathleen AllenAssistant Professor of Voice2017-2018
Central State UniversitySaima BashirAssociate Professor of Business Administration2017-2018
Central State UniversityErick KitengeAssociate Professor of Business Administration2017-2018
Central State UniversityDr. Arunasalam RahunanthanAssistant Professor of Mathematics2017-2018
Central State UniversityWendy Berry-WestAssociate Professor of Business Administration2017-2018
Cincinnati State Technical & Community CollegeMike DayCollege Credit Plus Mathematics Teacher2017-2018
Cincinnati State Technical & Community CollegeJulee JohnsProfessor of Biology2017-2018
Cincinnati State Technical & Community CollegeDr. Sara ShierlingBusiness Instructor2017-2018
Cincinnati State Technical & Community CollegePaula Kirch SmithProgram Chair of Business Management/Marketing/Hospitality2017-2018
Cincinnati State Technical & Community CollegeTanya WilliamsCooperative Education Coordinator2017-2018
Cincinnati State Technical & Community CollegeAbigail YeeProfessor of Mechanical Engineering Technology2017-2018
Clark State Community CollegeDr. Melinda MohlerAssociate Professor of History2017-2018
Clark State Community CollegeElisa RatliffInstructor of Anatomy and Physiology2017-2018
Clark State Community CollegeDiane RouxAssociate Professor Computer Software2017-2018
Edison State Community CollegeVickie KirkAssistant Professor of Allied Health2017-2018
Edison State Community CollegeDr. T.R. RuddickProfessor of Communication and Humanities2017-2018
Miami University RegionalsDr. David J. BergProfessor of Biological Sciences2017-2018
Miami University RegionalsZiying JiangAssistant Professor of Social & Behavioral Sciences and Geography2017-2018
Miami University RegionalsDr. Wenxi LiuAssociate Professor of History and Humanities and Creative Arts2017-2018
Miami University RegionalsJim McCutcheonAdjunct Instructor, Humanities & Creative Arts and Music2017-2018
Miami University RegionalsStephanie NicelyAssistant Professor of Nursing2017-2018
Miami University RegionalsGina PetonitoVisiting Assistant Professor of Social and Behavioral Sciences2017-2018
Sinclair Community CollegeDeborah AtkinsonAssistant Professor of Medical Technology2017-2018
Sinclair Community CollegeSarah EW FinchAssistant Professor of Biology2017-2018
Sinclair Community CollegeAmanda HaydenAssistant Professor of Humanities, Government and Modern Languages2017-2018
Sinclair Community CollegeRichard Kyle JonesAssistant Professor of Computer Information Systems2017-2018
Sinclair Community CollegeLisa TylerProfessor of English & Literature2017-2018
Southern State Community CollegeTravis MartinAssistant Professor of Business/Accounting2017-2018
Southern State Community CollegeToni PenwellEnglish Instructor2017-2018
Union Institute and UniversityDr. Linwood RumneyProfessor of General Education2017-2018
University of DaytonAnne CreceliusAssistant Professor of Health & Sport Science2017-2018
University of DaytonDr. Kenya CrossonAssociate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Engineering Mechanics2017-2018
University of DaytonDennis DoyleProfessor of Religious Studies2017-2018
University of DaytonFred JenkinsAssociate Dean for Collections and Operations2017-2018
University of DaytonDr. Charles RussoChair of Education 2017-2018
University of DaytonAndy SladeProfessor of English2017-2018
Wilmington CollegeBill KincaidProfessor of Mathematics2017-2018
Wittenberg UniversityJeff BrookingsProfessor of Psychology2017-2018
Wittenberg UniversityScott DooleyProfessor of Art2017-2018
Wittenberg UniversityBeth SorensenDirector of Nursing2017-2018
Wittenberg UniversityNancy WoehrleAssistant Professor of Psychology2017-2018
Wright State UniversityDr. Pola GuptaMarketing Professor 2017-2018
Wright State UniversityJoe TritschlerIndustrial and Human Factors Engineering Lecturer2017-2018

Councils & Committees

SOCHE is dedicated to advancing higher education through active collaboration, resource and knowledge building, and effective professional development programs. To accomplish this, SOCHE administers 16 active Councils and Committees. The purpose of a SOCHE Council or Committee is to provide an opportunity for representatives from higher education to be a resource for one another, share information and best practices, identify common challenges, and, ultimately, broaden awareness of the resources, services, and activities in higher education. SOCHE is also dependent upon the Councils and Committees for substantial input on annual professional development programs.

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