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SOCHE recognizes the importance of acknowledging the outstanding faculty and staff at our member institutions. Academic officers at each university selected one (1) Faculty Excellence Award winner based on their institution’s criteria, with special consideration of demonstrated excellence in teaching, service, and/or scholarship. Similarly, Human Resource officers selected one (1) Staff Excellence Award winner based on their institution’s criteria, with special consideration of demonstrated excellence in student success, service, and/or assessment.

The 2022-2023 year saw the addition of a new award, the Campus Impact Award, which is based on institutional selection criteria, with special consideration for performance that made a positive impact on the school or campus, as a whole. This category is open to faculty, staff, or administrators.

Below are the winners from the submitting colleges and universities, in alphabetical order…

2022-2023 Excellence award WINNERS


Dr. alice "betsy" Grimes
Campus Impact Award


Director, Center for Innovation | Air Force Institute of Technology


As Director of the Center for Innovation, Dr. Alice “Betsy” Grimes is the Air Force Institute of Technology’s (AFIT) Campus Impact Award winner this year. Dr. Grimes single-handedly established AFIT’s Center for Innovation in 2021 as a quality improvement initiative identified during the Institute’s reaccreditation process through the Higher Learning Commission. A dynamic and unwavering leader, Dr. Grimes secured over $450,000 for two contractors, procured equipment to enhance the student learning environment and facilitated bed-down of the Center in the Library. She also executed a holistic approach to personal and professional development of faculty, staff and students across the entire Institute.

Christina M. Wells-Norris
Staff Excellence Award

Registrar, Air Force Nuclear College | Air Force Institute of Technology


As Lead Registrar, Christina Wells-Norris received AFIT’s Staff Excellence Award this year. Christina led OL-A to set penultimate records, graduating 1,492 Airmen via 32 in-residence and mobile education team courses, facilitating Nuclear Mission professional development, and surpassing AF/A10 production requirements by 17%. She created vital student management solutions when in-place information systems failed. Her facility manager and security assistant accomplishments were invaluable to improving OL-A’s classroom environment and cybersecurity capabilities, leading $347,000 in upgrades to deliver first-class education to international and DoD students.

Edward "Tony" White
Faculty Excellence Award

Professor of Statistics, Mathematics and Statistics | Air Force Institute of Technology


Edward “Tony” White is AFIT’s Faculty Excellence Award winner after being named the AFIT Mathematics and Statistics Department Instructor of the Quarter for the 2023 winter quarter (#1/12). He had a phenomenal score of 4.83/5.0 on the question “Considering both the limitations and possibilities of the subject matter and the course, how would you rate the overall effectiveness of this instructor?” He also had a top result of 4.78/5.0 for overall average score on entire series of eight questions on same survey. Tony served as thesis advisor to two GCA master’s students who graduated in March 2023.

Student feedback on Tony’s instruction: “[This class] was my most valuable class as it pertains to the amount of information I learned and can apply to my thesis.” “Dr. White’s class was a tough one, but I learned a lot. When I was struggling at the beginning of the quarter, Dr. White sat down with me for about an hour to go over different study strategies for success in his class. Once I implemented his guidance, everything started clicking.”


Emily Samborsky
Campus Impact Award

Director of the Olive Kettering Library | Antioch College


This year’s Campus Impact Award winner, Emily Samborsky joined Antioch College in 2021 as Director of the Olive Kettering Library. Antioch College students, faculty, and staff describe Emily as “positive,” “trustworthy,” and “kind.” Most recently, Emily has been part of improvements to library services, including stewarding the roof renovation, the C-shop renovation, and the first-floor transformation into a learning center. She is truly passionate about Antioch College and her role at the library, and she works every day to improve the student experience.

Natalie Suzelis
Faculty Excellence Award

Assistant Professor of Literature, Humanities Department | Antioch College


Antioch College’s Faculty Excellence Award winner Natalie Suzelis’ research and scholarship is in the area of early modern literature and contemporary critical analysis. The research centers on issues of how race, gender, and class have been constructed and utilized in various literary forms. Since coming to Antioch College, Natalie has published multiple essays, including two essays on Shakespeare as environmental literature; two reviews for her co-edited, open-source journal, Uneven Earth; and two additional book reviews. Natalie also quickly established a rapport with students through engaging classes such as “Environment Literature,” a course that draws on her interests in sustainability and in the Antioch Farm. She is an active part of community governance on campus and is described as “inspiring both students and colleagues alike.”

Nancy Wilburn
Staff Excellence Award

Senior Administrative Assistant for Academic and Student Operations | Antioch College


Named the 2023 Antioch College Staff Excellence Award winner, Nancy Wilburn has supported faculty, staff, students, and the greater Antioch community since 1988, impacting nearly every event, operation, and department. Nancy currently serves as Senior Administrative Assistant for Academic and Student Operations and is dedicated to supporting Antioch students, going above and beyond to coordinate Valentine Tea Parties and Trick or Treat events for students. Nancy is dedicated to the success of Antioch College and is known for her steadfast commitment, historical memory, and cheerful and supportive nature.


Chad Jackson
Campus Impact Award

Creative Director, Marketing | Cedarville University


Chad Jackson, Creative Director in the Marketing Department at Cedarville University, is this year’s Campus Impact Award Winner. His work as in telling the Cedarville story through campus environmental projects and oversight of video, photography, and design work have made a significant impact on the University’s efforts to serve students and families — both current and prospective — with excellence. Chad’s work is largely done behind the scenes, but his fingerprints are everywhere.

Kim Jenerette
Staff Excellence Award

Executive Director of Financial Aid | Cedarville University


Cedarville University’s Staff Excellence Award winner this year, Kim Jenerette has faithfully served the university as the Executive Director of Financial aid since 2012. Kim serves students with excellence, and he sincerely desires to assist students and families as they navigate the financial aid process. Kim is highly regarded in the Financial Aid profession and has routinely served in varying capacities within NASFAA and other professional organizations. Kim models servant leadership in all that he does, as he leads his team and assures that Cedarville University maintains integrity and compliance in the oversight and management of federal, state and institutional aid.

Dr. Michael Weller
Faculty Excellence Award

Associate Professor of Athletic Training and Interim Dean, Department of Allied Health | Cedarville University


This year’s Faculty Excellence Award winner, Dr. Michael Weller has served Cedarville University with excellence for approximately 13 years. His devotion to the profession of athletic training is surpassed only by his devotion to his students. Dr. Weller is committed to personally advising all freshman sports medicine majors to make sure their academic careers start well. He also personally advises the MAT students to help them navigate the most intense portion of the program successfully. Dr. Weller teaches some of the most difficult classes in the MAT and serves as Program Director, responsible for administrating the accreditation process annually along with constantly recruiting future students for the program. Dr. Weller has always served his department and school in any way necessary, participating on committees and task forces whenever asked. Outside of Cedarville, Dr. Weller is a leader in his local church and continues to strive to stay up-to-date with the profession of athletic training. In the midst of doing all these things extremely well, he also recently completed his doctorate in academic leadership and management.


Dr. Roger Anderson
Faculty Excellence Award

Assistant Professor of International Languages & Cultures | Department of Communication, Composition, and Languages | Central State University


Central State University’s Faculty Excellence Award winner, Dr. Roger Anderson believes a global education must include international language study and intercultural competence. An advocate on campus, he created globally themed courses beyond teaching French and Arabic courses. His scholarly activities involve world language education, virtual exchanges, and supporting international students. Off campus, Dr. Anderson reviews academic journals and nationally competitive awards (Boren Security, Critical Language). He is an active member of the Ohio Foreign Language Association and ACTFL, the professional organization for world language education.

According to one student, “I attribute a lot of [my] advancement to Dr. Anderson’s dedication to exposing students to as much language as possible. Every morning before class, we would watch clips from Salut Bonjour, a French-Canadian morning show. That was an easy and fun way at first to get familiar with the sound of French. Dr. Anderson would also give us personalized, detailed feedback for speaking quizzes or tests. It made studying French a lot easier…”

Alma Brown
Staff Excellence Award

Administrative Secretary, Department of Professional Education | Central State University


An administrative secretary at Central State University, Alma Brown exemplifies excellence in service of others as the institution’s Staff Excellence Award winner. She is instrumental in navigating the changing landscape of the College of Education’s daily operations and activities, while consistently displaying a spirit of volunteerism and compassion. Always a team player, Alma works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure best practices are followed and the needs of the college and university are efficiently met. A distinguished alumna of Central State, Alma has pledged a lifelong commitment to the university.

Mortenous Johnson
Campus Impact Award

Director, TRIO Student Support Services | Office of Academic Affairs | Central State University


Director of TRIO Student Support Services at Central State University, Mortenous Johnson was selected this year’s Campus Impact Award Winner because he is an active collaborator, imaginative administrator, and dedicated academic with excellent student rapport. His accomplishments result from an interdisciplinary approach guided by research, praxis, and an innovative mindset to yield measurable outcomes aligned with the University’s mission. Consistency, reliability, and accountability embody his professionalism, coupled with ingenuity, integrity, and stewardship. A “student first” mantra is evident in his mentees, aligning realistic optimism to achievement indicators for students, the institution, and community successes.


Dr. Robert Derr
Faculty Excellence Award

Associate Professor of English, Department of Arts & Sciences | Clark State College


Clark State College recognizes Dr. Robert Derr with this year’s Faculty Excellence Award for his commitment to student success, retention, and completion. He focuses on encouraging students, particularly those who most need support both in and out of the classroom, recognizing where students are on their educational journey. Dr. Derr is passionate about students and is actively involved in multiple campus-wide initiatives. He sees where action is needed and dives in headfirst to make a difference for our students.

One student commented, “Dr. Derr has been so helpful! He answers all my questions and also gives great feedback on how you can improve. This is my first year of college and I was very nervous, but he has made this an awesome experience. I now feel I can do more than I ever could. Thank you, Dr. Derr, you truly are awesome.”

Nina Wiley
Staff Excellence Award

Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs | Clark State College


Clark State College’s Staff Excellence Award winner, Nina Wiley is a true servant leader by empowering others around her to efficiently and effectively serve Clark State students, providing essential tools for success. Nina is first to step up and take charge of any new student-centered project. She is engaged in the Changing Campus Culture initiative and has accepted leadership for the Sexual Violence Prevention Team, Behavior Intervention Team, and the CARE Team, as well as being the co-advisor for Phi Theta Kappa.


David Barth
Faculty Excellence Award

Professor of Electronics Engineering Technology, Department of Engineering | Edison State Community College


Named Edison State Community College’s Faculty Excellence Award winner, David Barth has kept ESCC Engineering programs on the leading edge of automation and robotics instruction at their Piqua and Greenville locations. He has transported lab equipment between locations to ensure robust offerings at Greenville. He has participated in many enrollment events, summer camps, Women in STEMM events, and other recruitment activities, using his robots to help encourage individuals to pursue Engineering Technology. He teaches academic and Workforce Development areas and has contributed significant expertise to local business partners through his instruction to students and industry partners. He’s also supported students in the battling robot competitions, to build interest in the program and the profession.


Michael Klingler
Campus Impact Award

Chair, Department of English & Humanities | Franklin University


Michael Klingler, the chair of Franklin University’s Department of English and Humanities, is the school’s Campus Impact Award winner for this year. Michael epitomizes Franklin’s motto of “being at our best for our students” by ensuring every individual has a positive experience. This was exemplified through his creation and teaching of a course for international students, which is focused on adapting to the United States. Michael also facilitates a subsequent mentoring program, both of which increased retention, persistence, and student success. In addition, Michael has served on numerous search committees and supported Franklin’s CCP and prison-education programs.

Jessica Leber
Staff Excellence Award

Undergraduate Academic Advising Team Lead, Student Development & Services | Franklin University


Franklin University’s Staff Excellence Award winner, Jessica Leber supervises a staff of eight professional advisors in three colleges at the institution. She displays extreme professionalism, empathy, and student focus in all her interactions with staff and students. As Empathy is one of her top 5 traits by Strengthsfinder 2.0, Jessica cares faithfully about her students and employees. There are many instances where she has connected with students who are struggling with an illness or tragedy, and Jessica has talked them through their rough times. She is regularly and often commended by students as an outstanding advisor and is a key contributor to Franklin University’s multi-year Red Carpet Service Initiative that focuses on student-centered service. According to one student, “Jessica is an unrelenting advocate for students, serves as a positive role model for her employees, makes a difference in student’s lives, and being one of the founding members of Franklin University Red-Carpet Service Initiative, Jessica performs as a passionate ambassador of Red-Carpet Service.”

Dr. Todd Whittaker
Faculty Excellence Award

Chair, Department of Computing Sciences & Mathematics | Franklin University


Named Franklin University’s Faculty Excellence Award winner, Dr. Todd Whittaker has exemplified excellence by leading the creation of three new academic programs for the University (BS Analytics, BS Cloud Computing, MS Information Systems). He also teaches, facilitates, and ensures all academic needs of a new international partnership that boasts more than 160 new students on Franklin’s campus are met. Additionally, Dr. Whittaker created a model and industry partnership that furthers Franklin’s marketplace, while also increasing student value and opportunity via certification and prior learning. Students say, “The way Dr. Whittaker presents the lesson makes me eager to listen to him and to learn more,” and “Dr. Whittaker gives us everything we need to succeed in his courses. He shows a passion and desire to teach and help students learn.”


Drew Kistler
Campus Impact Award

Workstation Administrator, Information Technology | Kettering College


As workstation administration for Kettering College, Drew Kistler was selected the school’s Campus Impact Award winner because he helps each staff and faculty member with any technical issue they may be having. He is very knowledgeable and confident in his field. He makes himself readily available for troubleshooting technology and maintains a positive attitude even as he works through frustrating technical issues. Drew demonstrates responsiveness during the moment of need, as well as in his follow-up.

Randi Quale
Faculty Excellence Award

Associate Professor and Associate Dean of Assessment & Accreditation, Department of Science & Mathematics | Kettering College


Excellence and Randi Quale are synonymous at Kettering College. As an associate professor and the Associate Dean of Assessment and Accreditation, Randi is known as a trusted individual who gives stability and dependability at Kettering College. The past year, Randi’s character qualities showed bright while spearheading the school’s transition to the new Institutional Learning Outcomes and preparation for the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) visit. These tasks were completed while she continued offering stellar education to her students. Students love her straightforward teaching style and how helpful, calm, and consistent she is. She is always rooting for the success of her students. One student said, “Professor Quale was an outstanding teacher this year. She wanted nothing more than for us to succeed, and it showed. She communicated with us clearly about assignments and tests. In our handouts for lecture, she had both embedded questions on the PowerPoint and small activities within the handout to make sure we were understanding the content. She prayed before every test for us, and I could personally tell she cared about our educational careers.”

Courtney Sewell
Staff Excellence Award

Pre-Nursing Coach and Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Nursing, Department of Nursing | Kettering College


Chosen as Kettering College’s Staff Excellence Award winner, Courtney Sewell is identified as the backbone of the nursing department. She is a jack of all trades and stands out for her professional excellence. Courtney is highly efficient in her communication and technology skills, which allows her to assist faculty and the dean. Courtney balances her collegiality with student care. She spearheaded the first student success coach process with a creative spirit, while advising nursing students. Students know that Courtney cares about their success. She juggles all of these activities with a smile on her face, a contagious laugh, and quiet confidence.


Mohammed Alkhafaji
Staff Excellence Award

Clinical Simulation Assistant, Nursing Department | Miami University Regionals


The Staff Excellence Award winner for Miami University Regionals this year, clinical simulation assistant Mohammed Alkhafaji is a shining light to all those who work with him. He is always willing to do whatever makes it easier for others to do their job quickly and more efficiently. He is a very positive person; he wants the Miami Regionals students to succeed and wants to work harmoniously with everyone across all departments. He puts in countless hours in the Simulation Lab in Nursing, and thanks to his IT skills, he has been a tremendous help in assisting with the technological needs of the Nursing Department. Mohammed puts students first in his work — he is constantly willing to help them in the lab, and the students enjoy him.

Sara Arter
Faculty Excellence Award

Assistant Professor, Nursing Department | Miami University Regionals


Sara Arter, the Faculty Excellence Award winner at Miami University Regionals, demonstrates a strong commitment to course development and redesign that facilitates student engagement and utilizes strategies to develop critical thinking and retention of fundamental concepts. Her commitment to student success and growth is evident in student evaluations, letters of recommendation, and engagement with students in independent studies, research initiatives, and support of student involvement at professional conferences. Additionally, Sara develops and supports courses at the undergraduate and graduate level, including honors and study abroad courses. She was recently named a 2023 Macy Faculty Scholar. “I know Professor Arter as my Pharmacology teacher and more recently as my research mentor,” said Katie Clark, a Bachelor of Science in nursing student. “She is very approachable as a teacher and person. She makes herself readily available inside and outside of the classroom to address any questions or concerns of her students. She goes beyond her role as a professor and serves as an exemplar to all of her students. She invites her students to explore their education beyond the classroom.”

Tonya Moryl
Campus Impact Award

Administrative Associate, Miami University Regionals Development | Miami University Regionals


The 2023 Campus Impact Award winner at Miami University Regionals, Tonya Moryl is the definition of a leader and team player, consistently going above and beyond to help and serve the Miami Regionals community. She pitches in wherever help and hands are needed, always with a smile and enthusiasm to get the job done well. She is a fierce advocate and defender who looks out for the best interests of the students, staff, and faculty at Miami University Regionals. Many of the staff and faculty could not do their jobs without Tonya! She serves on the CPAC (Classified Personnel Advisory Committee), always thinking about the best interests of her co-workers. Tonya is a can-do person who thinks of ways things can be accomplished and how to overcome any hurdles thrown in her way. Tonya is a collaborator and a valuable member of the Miami University Regionals family.


Joseph “Joe” Czupryn
Faculty Excellence Award

Assistant Professor of Mathematics | Sinclair Community College


As Sinclair Community College’s 2023 Faculty Excellence Award winner, Joe Czupryn is not only an excellent teacher but is very active for both the Math Department and the college in a variety of capacities. He redesigned MAT 1130, the highest enrollment class for the department, and developed OER materials for the course that saved an average of $105 per student. He serves as a highly sought-after mentor for adjunct and full-time faculty, offering support and training for the open-source online tool MyOpenMath. Joe is a trusted member of the Advanced Job Training team, providing open source materials and curriculum design that can be used in a restricted server (due to the policies at correctional institutions). He works as an active LSAMP (Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation) program mentor and created a summer bridge program that allowed students to enroll in college-level math courses more quickly. Joe also was selected a Fellow in AMATYC’s (American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges) Project Access, a highly competitive fellowship that is indicative of his leadership, innovative thinking, teaching skills, and focus on students’ success. “After I met Joe, he quickly became one of my favorite professors. Of his own free will, expecting nothing in return, he helped me with my math courses and with getting accepted into a GTA program,” said student Leighana Rautsaw. “Joe is truly deserving of this award not only because he’s an effective teacher in his ability to educate, but also because he goes above and beyond for his students.”

Michele Marcum
Staff Excellence Award

Executive Administrative Assistant, Diversity Office | Sinclair Community College


Michele Marcum, the executive administrative assistant in the Diversity Office at Sinclair Community College, has been chosen as the school’s Staff Excellence Award winner this year. Michele is dedicated to service — for Sinclair students, as well as employees and the community-at-large. Michele always does more than is required, whatever the task. She provides assistance to numerous groups on campus, helping their DEI efforts. In addition to assisting with coordination and technical support for the many activities the Diversity Office hosts annually, she is the also lead for Sinclair’s annual 31 Women of Sinclair celebration and The Longest Table community event.


Dr. Julie Krebs
Staff Excellence Award

Dean of Health Sciences and Director of Nursing | Southern State Community College


Named Southern State Community College’s Staff Excellence Award winner, Dr. Julie Krebs is the director of nursing and dean of health sciences at SSCC. She demonstrates a passion for nursing practice and a drive to improve the health of the communities served. She utilizes a team approach and values the knowledge and skill of the members. Dr. Krebs views community and educational partners as key components of success. She also sees the ever-changing environments of healthcare and education as an exciting and ongoing learning experience. Dr. Krebs holds a very high standard for students and the programs she oversees. Students know they are getting the very best education because of her leadership and her high expectations. She is meticulous with what they learn, both in class and labs, and in what they do in their clinical experiences.

Dr. Joshua Montgomery
Faculty Excellence Award

Associate Professor, Computer Science | Division Coordinator for Applied Sciences | eSports Coordinator | Southern State Community College


Dr. Joshua Montgomery, Southern State Community College’s 2023 Faculty Excellence Award winner, is an associate professor of Computer Science, division coordinator for Applied Sciences, and eSports Coordinator at the school. Dr. Montgomery is the custom curriculum coordinator for the Ohio Coders Project, an initiative that was created to help K-12 schools in southern Ohio develop coding skills. He is also an active volunteer for multiple STEAM droid/robot builder organizations. According to a student, “Dr. Montgomery is just an amazing faculty member and eSports coordinator. He really cares about the students and is building a fantastic computer science program here at SSCC.”

Susan Morris
Campus Impact Award

PTK Advisor and former COVID Coordinator | Student Affairs | Southern State Community College


PTK advisor in the Student Affairs Office at Southern State Community College, Susan Morris has been selected to receive the 2023 Campus Impact Award. Through Susan’s leadership as the COVID-19 coordinator, SSCC developed the resilience to overcome the pandemic. During the 2022 pandemic recovery phase, Susan was a student success champion and coach, assisting at-risk students to become academically successful. Her work was highlighted at the “Emerging Stronger” adjunct faculty conference in March 2023. Her passion to build scholars and leaders has elevated the SSCC Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society Chapter to a 5-star level, with many regional and international awards. Receiving a 2022 milestone award, she was also recognized as a most distinguished PTK advisor for the Ohio Region.


Rita McGinn
Staff Excellence Award

Senior Administrative Assistant, Department of Philosophy | University of Dayton


Rita McGinn, senior administrative assistant in the Department of Philosophy, is the University of Dayton’s 2023 Staff Excellence Award winner. In the short time that Rita has been a member of the Department of Philosophy at UD, she has had a lasting impact on the morale of the faculty and students within the department. She has created a warm, welcoming, and collegial environment, welcoming everyone of diverse backgrounds. She is the point of contact for faculty and students, and she goes out of her way to assist both groups. Rita was instrumental in elevating a department presentation to a university-wide event.

Dr. Lis Regula
Faculty Excellence Award

Lecturer, Department of Biology | University of Dayton


A lecturer in the Department of Biology, Dr. Lis Regula is the 2023 Faculty Excellence Award winner at the University of Dayton. Dr. Regula brings innovative pedagogical techniques, new technologies, and culturally competent perspectives to the classroom, while providing significant support to students on their educational journey. Dr. Regula has brought 3D printing into the human anatomy lab and critical thinking into the human anatomy lecture. He also was compassionate, reasonable, and organized in a semester that included a global pandemic, online teaching of a lab, COVID-19 infections for his family and students, and personal challenges for himself. In addition, Dr. Regula continued to keep his students’ best interests at the forefront by writing and submitting over a dozen letters of recommendation. His preliminary work in contract grading was presented to a full room at the Learning and Teaching Forum during winter break. His anti-biological essentialism course is currently in the proposal process — it has been approved by the sociology department and is awaiting approval by the biology department so that it can go up to the university community. Both the grading paradigm and the course are an extension of Dr. Regula’s commitment to diversity and accessibility in the university community. One student said, “Dr. Regula is one of my all-time favorite professors. He was so helpful and supportive, and you can tell he really cared about his students. I cannot recommend him enough.”

Lynn White
Campus Impact Award

Associate Director of Dining Services | University of Dayton


Chosen as the University of Dayton’s 2023 Campus Impact Award winner, Lynn White has made an impact on the university in many ways. As the associate director for Dining Services, Lynn has worked tirelessly for employees in the unit, helping with recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and continued success of the staff during their entire employment. Lynn has worked to recruit people from diverse backgrounds and will take her own time to assist someone who may not be computer savvy or who has difficulty with the English language. Lynn goes above and beyond on a daily basis, and Dining Services and the University of Dayton as a whole are better for her presence.


Dr. Erin Bales
Faculty Excellence Award

Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy, Department of Occupational Therapy | Wilmington College


Assistant professor of Occupational Therapy Dr. Erin Bales is the Wilmington College’s 2023 Faculty Excellence Award winner. Dr. Bales stepped into a faculty leadership role following the death of the previous Occupational Therapy program director. She has taken a primary role in securing and supporting a new OT program director and in guiding extensive accreditation work of the OT program faculty as they seek their initial program accreditation with ACOTE. In addition, Dr. Bales has played a pivotal role in the development of new initiatives in the OT program, such as with the new Equine Therapy Camp planned for summer 2023.

Charles "Chip" Murdock
Campus Impact Award

Sr. Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Service & Civic Engagement | Wilmington College


The Wilmington College Campus Impact Award winner, Charles “Chip” Murdock serves as senior director for Diversity and Inclusion & Service and Civic Engagement. In this multi-layered role, he provides the opportunity for students to travel several times a year as it relates to his area of responsibility. Every year the Office of D&I offers a fall civil rights tour of Washington D.C., and this year the office also hosted a spring civil rights tour that included visits to important landmarks in Atlanta, Georgia, as well as Tuskegee, Montgomery, Selma, and Birmingham, Alabama. Chip also led service trips to Detroit to work at the Cass Social Community and to Chicago for assisting at the Greater Chicago Food Depository. In addition to these trips, which provide experiential learning, Chip collaborated with others on campus to start a Liberation Library on campus. This initiative kicked off during Black History Month and will be available for subsequent themed programming months.

Deanna Vatan
Staff Excellence Award

Associate Vice President of Retention and Academic Success | Wilmington College


As associate vice president of Retention and Academic Success, Deanna Vatan, Wilmington College’s 2023 Staff Excellence Award winner, is a beacon of positivity and light on the campus. There isn’t a student, staff or faculty member on campus that does not know her. Her deeply committed relationship with the Athletics Office and the athletes themselves has improved their academics and retention. Deanna’s collaborative spirit with both faculty and staff has improved the overall campus climate and retention of students. Regardless of the hour, Deanna can be counted on to support students with schoolwork and their activities. Her collaborative spirit has created a new template at Wilmington College for what student success can and should be. Deanna continues to build foundational programs that will continue to improve the retention of students and set the foundation for their success after graduation. Deanna has given her heart and soul to help each WC student succeed in their academic program. In addition, she is there to be a support to students for all the non-academic issues that nearly every college student faces.


Dr. Matt Collier
Faculty Excellence Award

Professor of Biological and Environmental Sciences | Provost – Biology | Wittenberg University


Professor of Biological and Environmental Sciences, Dr. Matt Collier is the 2023 Faculty Excellence Award winner for Wittenberg University. Dr. Collier continuously demonstrates his service and commitment; advocates for students and shows genuine care; and demonstrates that excellence in teaching spans all aspects of Wittenberg’s curriculum. He has grown not only students’ interest in his field, but also the value they place on a Wittenberg liberal arts education. He has continued a great tradition of connecting with students, bringing them to Wittenberg, and giving it everything he has to make their lives and careers more fulfilling. According to a student, “Dr. Collier embodies everything that is Wittenberg. He eats, sleeps, and breathes Wittenberg and puts this school at his forefront. Dr. Collier’s light shines bright in everything he does and tends to kindle the light of everyone around him as well. He is kind, he is generous, he is empathetic, he is an all-around phenomenal professor and human being. I look up to him and hope to make him proud in my present and future studies and career.”

Megan Hilliard
Staff Excellence Award

Police Coordinator, Police Division | Wittenberg University


The police coordinator for Wittenberg University, Megan Hilliard has been selected as the school’s 2023 Staff Excellence Award winner. Megan’s attitude and approach enriches all those who come in contact with her. During the past several years, Megan not only has offered to take on additional work as needed, but she also has requested coaching opportunities to help manage her team in a way that is positive and leaves them with a sense of belonging and contributors to the success of the university. Megan is an advocate for Wittenberg students — when she sees something that isn’t right, she immediately voices her concerns. If that isn’t successful, she will push a little harder until her concerns are heard. Megan’s positivity goes a long way in contributing to Wittenberg’s welcoming campus culture. Megan is a team player who sacrifices her own needs to ensure the team succeeds, and she works to address the many challenges involved with helping to ensure the safety and security of the Wittenberg campus.

Dan McDermitt
Campus Impact Award

Director of Facilities Management | Wittenberg University


Named the Wittenberg University 2023 Campus Impact Award winner, Dan McDermitt is director of Facilities Management at the school. Dan positively impacts Wittenberg daily with his leadership of the Facilities Management team. Many students and employees have commented on the improved appearance of the campus grounds, and students in the residence halls have noticed and complimented the improvement in housekeeping services. Dan brings a practical, common-sense approach to managing facilities and grounds within a constrained budget, and he always prioritizes the needs of students above anything else. His servant leadership is impactful at Wittenberg.


Shamon Green
Staff Excellence Award

Academic Advisor, Student Success Services | Wright State University


An academic advisor in Student Success Services at Wright State University, Shamon Green has been selected as the school’s Staff Excellence Award winner. With active listening, coordination with faculty advisors and proven strategies for student success, Shamon recognizes students’ individual differences of where they are starting, and she helps them land where they want to finish. Shamon’s additional attention and care with her advisees contribute to her being a strong academic advisor who advises our students with honesty and integrity. She is also an exceptional role model for students, treating them fairly and with care while demonstrating rigor and imagination.

Dr. Jeffrey Peters
Faculty Excellence Award

Professor and Associate Chair,  Department of Biological Sciences | Wright State University


Dr. Jeffrey Peters, professor and associate chair in the Department of Biological Sciences, is Wright State University’s 2023 Faculty Excellence Award winner. Dr. Peters’ passion for student engagement and student success drives his creative approach to pedagogy in Biological Sciences. He is an essential element in that department’s approach to improve student success rates in classes. Dr. Peters has used data on success rates to work on implementing best practices in his classroom, as well as offering his help to other faculty in the Biological Sciences who seek to make the same changes. Dr. Peters takes the time to learn about best practices in pedagogy and apply those ideas to the Biological Sciences curriculum. He is the first recipient of the Wright State Student Success Champions award for faculty.

Michelle Streeter-Ferrari
Campus Impact Award

Director, University Center for International Education | Wright State University


Wright State University’s 2023 Campus Impact Award winner is Michelle Streeter-Ferrari. As the director of the University Center for International Education, Michelle has been directly involved in the recruitment and admission of the more than 1,000 international students currently on Wright State’s campus. Her work does not stop, however, with simply bringing students to campus. She serves as advocate and ally for international students, providing opportunities for them to assimilate seamlessly to campus, creating and implementing campus-wide social and cultural events, championing for students’ academic success, and working to secure career and employment pathways for students following their time at Wright State. Michelle’s impact goes far beyond the international student population. Passionate about the impact of global perspective on a student’s education and view of the world, she also works tirelessly to ensure all Wright State students have the opportunity to experience international education through study abroad. As a result, Wright State was recognized by the US Department of State as the Top Producer of Gilman Scholars for Medium-Sized Institutions for the 2020-2021 academic year. The Gilman Scholarship expands access and equity in study abroad and international internship opportunities among U.S. undergraduate students with high financial need.

Councils & Committees

SOCHE is dedicated to advancing higher education through active collaboration, resource and knowledge building, and effective professional development programs. To accomplish this, SOCHE administers 16 active Councils and Committees. The purpose of a SOCHE Council or Committee is to provide an opportunity for representatives from higher education to be a resource for one another, share information and best practices, identify common challenges, and, ultimately, broaden awareness of the resources, services, and activities in higher education. SOCHE is also dependent upon the Councils and Committees for substantial input on annual professional development programs.

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