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Our Collaborate ISP Partnerships​!
SOCHE and our ISP partners are focused on building and maintaining the Southwest Ohio's Information Technology and Healthcare Industry Sector Partnerships. Our collaborations will leverage strong partnerships among employers. educators, workforce development agencies, and community organizations, so we can better understand the evolving skill demands of Ohio's industries and prepare Ohioans for the high-demand jobs of the future.
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About Us

SOCHE connects students, educators, government, businesses, employers, and other organizations to share information, access professional development opportunities, and close workforce gaps through increasing internships and research projects.

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Councils & Committees

SOCHE is dedicated to advancing higher education through active collaboration, resource and knowledge building, and effective professional development programs. To accomplish this, SOCHE administers 16 active Councils and Committees. The purpose of a SOCHE Council or Committee is to provide an opportunity for representatives from higher education to be a resource for one another, share information and best practices, identify common challenges, and, ultimately, broaden awareness of the resources, services, and activities in higher education. SOCHE is also dependent upon the Councils and Committees for substantial input on annual professional development programs.

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