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Uniting Aerospace and Education

Aerospace and defense companies have found firm ground for growth in Ohio in an environment cultivated to meet logistical and workforce needs. Together, the industries represent one of Ohio’s largest employers with more than 100,000 skilled full-time Ohioans in more than 1,200 companies.

And the vibrant growth continues. Ohio plans to be at the forefront of the anticipated 3.44 percent increase in global aircraft demand over the next decade.

The APDC is designed to develop and maintain an Ohio workforce with skills to meet your company’s specialized needs when growth and new technologies demand it.

The APDC Can Help Aerospace and Defense Employers

Planning for future demand, we are seeking the help of employers to align higher education curriculum and workforce training with business needs. Our efforts will include:

  • Roundtables to discuss and assess the advanced skills needed by aerospace industry employers and government
  • Continue to identify specific professional workforce gaps
  • Leverage existing university, college and other professional development programs to fill the gaps. When necessary we will develop new professional development programs, understanding new technologies may require new skills.
  • Connect professionals with additional training, certifications, or education necessary to meet your needs

Your input is essential. Participate as we gather data about skills of the Ohio workforce and get the help you need.