Student Research Programsoc-page-image-links-S-SRP

This program provides research internships for undergraduate and graduate science and engineering students. Students work at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base at either the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) or the Materials and Manufacturing Directorate at the Air Force Research Laboratories (AFRL). Students benefit both academically and financially by working in state-of-the-art laboratories with top professionals in their field. Additionally, they can use this experience for senior projects, cooperative education and graduate research.


soc-page-image-links-I-CPZCollege Planning Zone

The area is filled with higher education opportunities for you! SOCHE is comprised of 21 organizations to assist you in furthering your academic career. We are here to help while you make informed decisions regarding your scholastic future in Southwestern Ohio. Learn more about all of your educational options and how you can achieve them by visiting the links to the left.


Degree Findersoc-page-image-links-S-DF

Degree Finder is a comprehensive listing of over 700 academic opportunities available at SOCHE member colleges and universities. This unique listing of undergraduate and graduate degrees, programs, and licensure information helps students make great choices for education and professional development in the region.


Cross Registration Programsoc-page-image-links-S-CR

The Cross Registration Program allows students who are degree-seeking or participating in certification programs access to academic opportunities not available at their own institutions. Students attending colleges and universities within SOCHE may register for courses that are applicable to their degree or certification program offered by other SOCHE institutions.


SOCHE Wright-Pattsoc-page-image-links-S-WP

SOCHE Wright-Patt provides SOCHE members with access to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base by serving as a clearinghouse of educational information. In addition, SOCHE Wright-Patt offers preliminary academic advising to the base’s employees and their families. SOCHE members benefit from the exposure at the base, and more than 22,000 military and civilian employees have helpful resources at hand.


20 by 20 Challengesoc-page-image-links-20by20

Internships are the pipeline to the future workforce that will drive the creative economy in our region. In 2012, SOCHE issued a challenge to higher education and the business community: increase the number of internships to 20,000 by 2020 – the 20 by 20 CHALLENGE. Along with several strategic partners, SOCHE identified internships as a mechanism for economic stability and growth. Of the 120,000+ area college students at SOCHE member institutions, last year over 13,000 of them were granted internships locally. The needle is being moved and collaboration with regional business has been the key to achieving this 20 by 20 CHALLENGE. Join the challenge!