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2024 Research topics- Published

Materials and Manufacturing Directorate (RX)
Topic # Title Contact
RX24-1 Ab Initio Modeling of Point Defects for Quantum Information Science Luke Bissell
RX24-2 Synthesis and Integration of Quantum Light Sources and Quantum Sensors Luke Bissell
RX24-3 Design of Adaptive Material Networks for Sensing, Actuation and Physical Computing Philip Buskohl
RX24-4 Engineering Qubit-Phonon Interactions in Ultra-wide Bandgap Semiconductors for Room Temperature Quantum Technologies Chandriker Dass
RX24-5 Automated Process-Driven Design for Additive Manufacturing Andrew Gillman
RX24-6 Cooperative Human and Machine Learning for Manufacturing Andrew Gillman
RX24-7 Single Crystal Fiber Development for IR Applications Benjamin Gray
RX24-8 Electron Transport in Semiconductor and Quantum Materials Adam Neal
RX24-9 Engineering Nonlinear Optical Materials John Jones
RX24-10 Process Modeling for Polymer Matrix Composites Matthew Grasinger
RX24-11 Ultra-wide bandgap (UWBG) materials for electronics and optoelectronics Shin Mou
RX24-12 Engineering Photonic Materials Using Exceptional Points Robert Bedford
RX24-13 Advanced Processing of Ceramic and Ceramic Matrix Composite Structures Lisa Rueschhoff
RX24-14 Wide and Ultra-Wide Bandgap Materials for Extreme Environment Applications Adam Neal
RX24-15 Linking processing structure and properties through deep learning Megna Shah
RX24-16 Liquid Metal Materials for Soft Electronics, Optics, and Mechanics Christopher Tabor
RX24-17 Exploration of Magnetization Dynamics in Ferromagnetic and Antiferromagnetic Materials Michael Page
RX24-18 Nonlinear Optical Metasurfaces Jonathan Slagle
RX24-19 Developing python-based hardware-software integration platform for closed-loop autonomous synthesis Vikas Varshney
RX24-20 Performance and characterization of advanced composites for air and space applications in extreme environments Craig Przybyla
RX24-21 Investigation of the optical properties of novel 2D materials Michael Susner
RX24-22 Machine Learning for Polymer Solution Processing and Design Jeffrey Ethier
RX24-23 Bioinformatics and Synthetic Biology for Biomaterials Blake Stamps
RX24-24 Robotic Nondestructive Inspection for Confined Spaces Lorianne Groo
RX24-25 Colloidal quantum dots for infrared and spintronic applications Jonathan Goldstein
RX24-26 Creation of Materials, Manufacturing and Design Knowledge Representation via Self-assembly of Ontology Design Patterns William Bernstein
RX24-27 Characterization of microstructure and damage of high temperature ceramic matrix composites for aerospace applications Katie Detwiler
 Aerospace Systems (RQ) 
Topic #TitleContact
RQ24-1Extending the Tractability of Large-Eddy Simulation for High Reynolds-Number FlowsDaniel J. Garmann
RQ24-2Meta-materials for Structural ApplicationsThomas J. Spradlin
RQ24-3Aerothermoelastic Analysis Methodologies for Aircraft DesignPhilip S. Beran
RQ24-4Multi-Fidelity Analysis Methods for Multidisciplinary Design OptimizationPhilip S. Beran
RQ24-5Numerical Simulation of High Mach Number Viscous FlowNick Bisek
RQ24-6Advanced Flight ControlMichael Bolender
RQ24-7Leveraging Both Experimental and Computational Data to Study Hypersonic FlightMatthew Borg
RQ24-8Supersonic Combustion Ramjet ResearchCampbell Carter
RQ24-9Compact and Novel Combustion ConceptsAndrew Caswell
RQ24-10High-Altitude Combustion Ignition and Relight ResearchAndrew Caswell
RQ24-11Enabling Robust and Durable Aerospace Structures for Combined,  Extreme EnvironmentsThomas Eason
RQ24-12Unsteady Aerodynamics and Heat Transfer in TurbinesJohn Clark
RQ24-13Intelligent Power Systems for Next Generation AircraftJoseph P. Fellner
RQ24-14Efficient Small Scale Propulsion and Power SystemsMark Fernelius
RQ24-15Enhanced Optical Flow Diagnostics/ Minimization of Particle SeedingBenjamin Hagen
RQ24-16Active Thrust Balance of Engine Mainshaft BearingsBrian D. Nicholson
RQ24-17Wall-Modeled LES of Shock-boundary layer interaction (SBLI)Ez E. Hassan
RQ24-18Advanced Structural Concepts for lighter and low cost AircraftsJames Joo
RQ24-19Low-Speed,  Unsteady Aerodynamics: Physics,  Modeling, and ControlAlbert Medina
RQ24-20Advanced Analytical Tools for Turbine Engine Bearing CompartmentsBrian D. Nicholson
RQ24-21Combustion Enhancement in High-Speed FlowsTimothy Ombrello
RQ24-22Weapons Bay Shear Layer Physics Quantified with High Fidelity Computational Fluid DynamicsRyan F. Schmit
RQ24-23High Frequency Load Measurements of Slender Bodies in Unsteady Flow FieldsRyan F. Schmit
RQ24-24Chimera Hole Cutting for High-Order Discontinuous Galerkin Fluid SolverChristopher Schrock
RQ24-25Structural Dynamics & Mechanics of Turbomachinery ComponentsDino Celli
RQ24-26Magnetocaloric effect of Ni-Mn based Heusler alloysZafer Turgut
RQ24-27Design Approaches for Hypersonic Inlet and Isolator OperabilityTyler Gardner
RQ24-28System Engineering for Energy and Power Integration Coupled with Validation TestingKirk Yerkes
RQ24-29Reusable Thermally Compliant Air Vehicle Structure Design and AnalysisJustin Clough
RQ24-30Control Techniques for Aircraft Energy ManagementJon Zumberge
RQ24-31Trajectory Planning for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle SystemsDave Grymin
RQ24-32Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for Air-Launched Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)Paul A. Fleitz
RQ24-33Computational Design, Analysis and Integration of Aircraft Power and Thermal Management Subsystems Soumya S. Patnaik
RQ24-34Digital Engineering and Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) for Aircraft Power and Thermal SubsystemsSoumya S. Patnaik
RQ24-35Modeling and Simulation Study of Aircraft Environmental Control System for UAS Military AircraftAbdeel J. Roman
RQ24-36Study of DEW thermal performance under aircraft mission profile conditionsAbdeel J. Roman
RQ24-37Two-phase flow thermal systems study for UAS aircraft applicationsAbdeel J. Roman
RQ24-38Analysis and Development of Inlet Systems for Airbreathing PropulsionStuart Benton
RQ24-39Analytic Sensitivities and Machine Learning applied to Uncertainty Quantification for Multidisciplinary Systems Analysis & Design OptimizationEdwin E. Forster
RQ24-40Machine Learning Approaches in Computational Fluid MechanicsChristopher Schrock
RQ24-41Detonation Engine Propulsion ResearchRobert Fievisohn 
RQ24-42Fan and Compressor Experimental AerodynamicsMichael G. List
RQ24-43Fan and Compressor Design, Modeling,  and SimulationMichael G. List
RQ24-44Unsteady Flow Physics and Aerodynamic Flow Control in High-Work Low Pressure Turbine PassagesChristopher Marks
RQ24-45Computer Science/Pattern Tracking/ ML to enhance flow visualization techniques for Unsteady Aerodynamics and Heat Transfer Turbine ResearchNatalia A. Posada
RQ24-46Multidisciplinary nonlinear time-spectral methods for air vehicle designNathan A. Wukie
RQ24-47Goal-oriented adaptive methods for air vehicle designNathan A. Wukie
RQ24-48Coupling Computational Fluid Dynamics {CFO} Analysis and Optimization Techniques for Scramjet Engine Design ApplicationsMark Hagenmaier
RQ24-49Novel Power Generation and Thermal Management Concepts for High-Speed VehiclesLevi J. Elston
RQ24-50Advanced Multi-Scale Combustion SystemsBrent A. Rankin
RQ24-51Rotating Deonation Engine Foundational ResearchBrent A. Rankin

Sensors Directorate (RY)

Topic #TitleContact
RY24-1Topological Laser ArraysCatalin Badescu
RY24-2Minimally Complete Sensing GridMichael Talbert
RY24-3Wide-aperture nonlinear and nonreciprocal multilayers for optical switching, limiting, isolation, and enhanced light detection.Igor Anisimov
RY24-4Multipath Detection and EstimationCharles Berdanier
RY24-5Rydberg Arrays for Enhanced RF Direction FindingCharles Cerny
RY24-6Synthesis and Characterization of Si1-x-yGexSny AlloysBruce Claflin
RY24-7Advanced Computational ElectromagneticsDaniel Dault
RY24-8IC and Advanced Packaging Aging Effects on Second Order Effect SignaturesChristian Eakins
RY24-9Coupled Semiconductor Laser ArraysRicky Gibson
RY24-10Nanoscale Vacuum Field Emission DevicesHarris Hall
RY24-11Electronic-grade dielectric integration for high-power, high frequency electronic devicesAhmad E. Islam
RY24-12Target Detection and Classification for Modality-Agnostic 3D ModellingJan Rainer Jamora
RY24-13Generative AI for Limited Three-Dimensional Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) ReconstructionJan Rainer Jamora
RY24-14Epitaxy researchArnold Kiefer
RY24-15  Light-matter interactionsArnold Kiefer
RY24-16Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection in Maritime EnvironmentsJacob Martin
RY24-17Thermal Reliability Behavior of GaN HEMTsBrian Poling
RY24-18Avalanche Photodiodes for LIDARCharles Reyner
RY24-19Infrared Event Based SensingCharles Reyner
RY24-20Geopositioning algorithms for hypersonic platformsPaul Sotirelis
RY24-21Coupled Photonic Oscillators for Enhanced SensitivityJoseph Suelzer
RY24-22Develop Analogical Mappings for Multi-Sensor ExploitationTrevor Bihl
RY24-23Reinforcement Learning with Analogical TransferTrevor Bihl
RY24-24Observations to infer AI statesTrevor Bihl
RY24-25Develop and Apply Topological Data Analysis for Multi-Sensor ExploitationTrevor Bihl

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