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Intern Spotlight: Don Washington

picture of Don Washington
Don Washington, Intern at Libra Industries

Where did you intern, and what were you doing for your internship?
I interned at Libra Industries. For my internship, I supported the accounting team with various accounting projects and related tasks. My tasks involved performing data entry for accounting functions, such as, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, order processing, and maintaining filing systems for account functions. 

How did your internship help you reach your career goals?
Having this opportunity helped me see what was involved with being an Accountant. The hands-on experience is invaluable, especially since this is my first experience with the office environment.

After your internship, did you stay working in Ohio?
Yes, I am currently working as a Jr. Cost Accountant here at Libra Industries.

Tell me a little bit about what you learned throughout the course of the internship.
I’ve learned a lot during my internship at Libra. They helped me transition from the Electrical world, so to speak, to working in an office environment. I gained invaluable experience learning how important cost accounting is to businesses. I currently manage the key expenses file, which helps project managers control and evaluate spending. I learned various aspects of Accounts Payable (AP) and Accounts Receivables (AR) and helped with Physical Inventory monthly and year-end.

Tell me about how Clark State helped you find your internship.
Clark State was the first step in starting my new career. Melody Gast, amongst others, was able to help me by providing me tools and encouragement to become successful with my transition. Clark State was able to find me the Internship with Libra Industries.

Why do you think it helps to learn on the job?
I think that learning on the job provides you with firsthand experience and gives you the skills to succeed. Learning on the job also helps me connect my classroom lessons with real-world workplace situations to be an asset to the company while further developing my career. 

What accomplishments did you make during your internship?
I have done a lot of work that will help me in my chosen career as an accountant. Learning the financial side of business operations and the different skills that I need to succeed as an accountant are irreplaceable. I never imagined being hired full-time as a Jr. Cost Accountant. As I further my education and continue to work at Libra Industries, I will compound the valuable on-the-job experiences to accomplish my goal to be a Controller.

The Intern Spotlight Series are interviews conducted with current and past SOCHE Interns and interns from SOCHE member institutions, discussing the value of their on-the-job experience at their internship.
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