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Dayton Region Intern Appreciation Week 2020

Eman Azzam
City of Dayton (Dept. of Water) Intern

“Over the past year, Eman has done excellent work as the City of Dayton Water Reclamation Laboratory Intern. Eman has analyzed water samples for nutrients including nitrogen and phosphorus, total suspended solids, and alkalinity. These tests are very important in maintaining proper operation of our treatment plant and help ensure that the treated wastewater that enters the Great Miami River is clean and will not harm aquatic life and that it is safe for human recreation. Eman is an enthusiastic learner and is very thorough in completing her laboratory analysis. She has been a tremendous contributor to our lab team!”
-Walter (Fritz) Schroder

Photo of 6 people in lab coats, the second to last person is Eman Azzam

George Bolmida
City of Centerville Intern

“George Bolmida has been an asset to the City of Centerville since Day One. He jumps into complicated projects without hesitation, such as implementing significant necessary improvements in our IT Department. George has even volunteered to take on more, like designing an interactive application for our police department to use during a community scavenger hunt. The SOCHE partnership is beneficial to the wider Centerville community and is certainly a complement to our core values of Community, Education, and Responsiveness.”
-City Manager, Wayne Davis

Photo of three people: Mariah Vogelgesang, Assistant City Manager, George Bolmida, City of Centerville Intern. and Wayne Davis, City Manager

Nicholas Reynolds and Gage Cassell
Rittal North America Interns

“Nicholas Reynolds and Gage Cassell are currently enrolled in their second summer as interns at Rittal North America, an Industrial Enclosure Manufacturer in Urbana, Ohio.

Both will be 3rd-year Mechanical Engineering students at Clark State Community College and have become familiar with the engineering processes, to a point that their responsibilities have expanded to reflect their increased knowledge.

Nicholas is currently employed in the Manufacturing Engineering Department, where his responsibilities began with SOP creation and processing, and has evolved to being responsible for a good portion of the TPM (Total Preventive Maintenance) Program for the entire facility.

Gage has experienced the full range of Quality Department responsibilities, from data collection, control chart creation, and receiving inspection responsibilities, to currently managing the Document Control review activities of the plant.

Both are giving tremendous effort in their current roles, and we can only hope for their talents to have a permanent, full-time place in our company after their studies are complete.”
-Dan Yohey

Photo of three people: Mariah Vogelgesang, Assistant City Manager, George Bolmida, City of Centerville Intern. and Wayne Davis, City Manager

Councils & Committees

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