About the Veterans Workshop

Veterans Identity on Campus

How can we help our Veteran students be better connected and more informed about the services we have available for them? This Veterans Workshop has just that. It will feature an interactive keynote given by Dr. Thiede from Cincinnati's VA Medical Center, and a best practices panel; to help campus professionals develop or enhance their programming and services for military-connected students.

We are delighted that the Union Institute and University will serve as the host institution for this event.

The number of veteran students that we serve day to day is growing substainstially. We need to ensure we make this transition to college the most beneficial and smooth as it can be. This workshop will give us a chance to connect and see what other institutions are doing, as well as, celebrate what we do well and discuss what we could do better to make the students feel connected and a part of something.


May 19 Veterans Workshop
10:15 AM - 11:30 AM KEYNOTE - VHA Resources to Support Well-Being and Academic Success with Dr Jessica Thiede, Cincinnati VA Medical Center
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM LUNCH
12:15 PM - 1:15 PM STUDENT PANEL

It is with great enthusiasm that we announce the following panelists to lead the discussion of Veterans Identity on Campus. These panelists are a combination of both academic and veteran services throughout the Southwestern Ohio region. Each of them serves in roles that can effectively remove barriers and work to ensure area veterans reach the goals they have set for themselves. Through their expertise and insight the discussion promises to be enriching and produce thoughtful ideas for each of you to apply to your veteran and military programs.

Tom Webb, Wright State University, Directory of Disability Services

William Wall, Dayton VA Medical Center, SW Ambulatory Programs Coordinator

Lisa Witt, University of Dayton, Assistant Director, Career Advisor, School of Engineering Liasion

Cort Schneider, Clark State Community College, Director of Access and Student Retention

Seth Gordon,Wright State University, Director of Veteran & Military Center


Meet Our Speaker

Dr. Jessica H. Thiede

Dr. Thiede completed her post-doctoral specialization in the Postraumatic Stress and Anxiety Disorder Division of the Cincinnati VA Medical Center (CVAMC), and spent 5 years in the Iraq and Afghanistan Post-Deployment, Primary Integrated Care Clinic, at CVAMC as the lead psychologist. Her previous clinical work has taken place in forensic, primary care, university counseling centers, and assessment centers. Dr. Thiede’s clinical work has focused on trauma, co-morbid conditions and adjustment. Her research interests include adjustment post-trauma, learning and attention, the impact of patient-provider relationships on health and well-being, program development, and integrated delivery of health care. She has a strong commitment to multidisciplinary collaboration, and has been a part of several committees and organizations to improve patient care. She has trained students, interns and psychiatry residents in the areas of consultation, diagnostic assessment and delivery of evidence-based therapies (EBT).

Dr. Thiede maintains a private practice in Cincinnati, OH where she provides psychotherapy and assessment services with a specialization in PTSD and other Anxiety Disorders. In 2011 she co-wrote a grant and was awarded national funding to develop programing for student Veterans returning from combat and pursuing higher education. Dr. Thiede is now serving as the Cincinnati VA’s Veterans Integration to Academic Leadership (VITAL) Consultant and Liaison to eight universities in the greater Cincinnati area. She is also the National Clinical Chair for VITAL and serves on the National Research Committee. Dr. Thiede has presented at state and national conferences on VTIAL, campus safety, Military Culture, post-deployment adjustment and trauma.

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