Ohio Virtual Career Fair

Find a Job From the Comfort of Your Home

Virtual Job Fairs, or VJFs, are your chance to find quality jobs from the comfort of your home. VJFs with Brazen are quick and easy to navigate and use. Best of luck as you take the first steps on your virtual job fair journey.

Tips For a Successful Virtual Career Fair

Follow these best practices to help you in your interview process.


1Are there any fees associated with attending the fair?
JobsOhio and the Dayton Development Coalition are hosting the fair with no charges to the employer or job-seeker as another service to the community to connect companies who are hiring with job-seekers.
2What technology is required to participate in the Virtual Career Fair?
To participate in the virtual career fair, you will need an internet connection and access to a computer or smartphone with a microphone and camera.
3How do I create an account and enter a live event?
The registration button can be found at the top of this page. Click this and you will be taken to the Brazen landing page where you will put in your information. Next, once you're in the  event, you will need to complete your event registration form. After you have completed this, you will see an instructional slideshow. Upon completion, you will be taken to the event lobby. now you're ready to go!
4What files can I upload to my event?
Candidates participating in the Virtual Career Fair can upload a profile picture, resume, cover letter, and more!
5What file type does my resume need to be?
Resumes must either be a PDF or .docx (Word document). Other file types will not work in Brazen.
6How do I chat with a company representative during the fair?
Navigate and click on the booth you would like to interact with. Once the screen loads, you will see a green button at the upper right corner labeled "chat". Click on this, and wait as you are added in line.
7What if I need to unregister from an event?
There is nothing you need to do if you can't make an event.
8Can I view my chat history with a candidate?
Yes, you can! Logged into the career fair and then navigate to the sidebar and click the "history" button to view the past meetings you had with each candidate.
9How do I reset my password?
First, check to make sure you are using the same email you used to create your account. If this still doesn't work, click here to reset your password.

Need More Information?

Still stuck and need more help? No Worries!

You can contact SOCHE's Brazen expert, Thomas Tye, at thomas.tye@soche.org or (937) 258-8890