Reflections on the Fictitious Teen Mind

Jaime Adoff
Alum of Central State University, Critically acclaimed author

Current Releases

Doug Riehle video
Energy Efficiency – Practical and Cost Effective Energy Conservation Measures
Doug Riehle,
Edison Community College
  John Burke
Invited Guests: Embedded Librarians in the Learning Management System

John Burke,
Miami University Middletown
  Tammy Proctor
The Myth of the Female Spy

Tammy Proctor,
Wittenberg University
Kurt Rinehart
The Great Flood:
Out of Devastation Comes Innovation

Kurt Rinehart,
Miami Conservancy
  Joe Watras video
Racial Desegregation of
Dayton Schools for Your Television Audience

Joe Watras,
University of Dayton
  Marc Sweeney
The 25% Effect: Reducing Tuition by Reducing Prescription Costs

Marc Sweeney,
Cedarville University
Creating Change Agents

Through the Liberal Arts
Mark Roosevelt,
Antioch College
  Matthew J. Smith
Five Influential Graphic Storytellers from Ohio

Matthew J. Smith,
Wittenberg University
  Shu Schiller
Big Data

Shu Schiller,
Wright State University
Amy Lee Communities Confronting the Achievement Gap
Amy Lee,
Kettering Foundation
  Mario Basora
My Top Five Lessons in School Leadership

Mario Basora,
Miami University alum
  Megan Cooper
FilmDayton: Are We Arts, Education, or Economic Development? Yes!
Megan Cooper,
University of Dayton alum
Richard Sears
Mindfulness and Stress Reduction
Richard Sears,
Union Institute University
  Sarah Peterson
A River Leadership Curriculum
Sarah Peterson,
Rivers Institute at the University of Dayton
  Tom Lasley
Learn to Earn
Tom Lasley,
Learn to Earn Dayton
Joe Cronin
The World Our Students will Inhabit
Joe Cronin,
Antioch University Midwest
  Bob Brecha
Why We Need a Renewable Energy Revolution
Bob Brecha,
University of Dayton
  Susan Trollinger
Putting the Amish Back
in Amish Country

Susan Trollinger,
University of Dayton
Josh Deaton
Life as an Air Force Intern

Josh Deaton,
Wright State PhD student
  Kathy Rowell
Making a Difference in Cynical Times: The Possibilities of Social Entrepreneurship

Kathy Rowell,
Sinclair Community College
  Charlie Russo
Cell Phones in Schools

Charlie Russo,
University of Dayton
Riad A. Ajam
All of Ohio Is Open for
Global Business: The Impact of Global Trends on Us

Riad A. Ajami,
Wright State University
  Laura Morgan Roberts Becoming Your Best Self
Laura Morgan Roberts,
Antioch University
  Anthony Smith Hollywood and the
Portrayal of Religion

Anthony Burke Smith,
University of Dayton
Tom Kaplan Learning How to
Figure It All Out

Tom Kaplan,
Wittenberg University
  Sid Raisch Enterprise Facilitation:
An Approach to Small Business Development

Sid Raisch,
Southern State Community College
  Shuang-Ye Wu Modeling Climate Change in the Miami Valley
Shuang-Ye Wu,
University of Dayton
Sue Polanka
The Rise of Digital Textbooks
Sue Polanka,
Wright State University
  Mitch Kusy and Elizabeth Holloway
Toxic Personalities
in the Workplace

Mitch Kusy and Elizabeth Holloway,
Antioch University
  Dr. Rusty Baldwin
Cyber Security

Dr. Rusty Baldwin,
Air Force Institute of Technology
Luke Dennis
Arts Education

Luke Dennis,
Wittenberg University alum
  Paul McGreal
To Be a Law School Dean, or Not to Be

Paul McGreal,
University of Dayton
  Miguel Martinez-Saenz
Using Words Only When Necessary
Miguel Martinez-Saenz,
Wittenberg University
Tykiah Wright DiversAbility - From the Campus to the Workplace
Tykiah Wright,
Wright State University Alum
  Haili Du
The Importance of
Chinese Radicals

Haili Du,
Instructor of Chinese Modern Languages, Wright State University
  Margaret Piatt Encouraging the Arts
Margaret Piatt,
Urbana University
Byron White Universities' Three Spheres of Economic Impact
Byron White,
Ohio Board of Regents
  Kimberly Kendricks
Gait and Identifying IEDs
Kimberly Kendricks,
Assistant Professor of Mathematics,
Central State University
  Thaddeus Hoffmeister
Jury Behavior in
Digital Age

Thaddeus Hoffmeister,
University of Dayton
Leslie Picca
Two-Faced Racism:
Whites in the Backstage
and Frontstage

Leslie Picca,
University of Dayton
  Jo Wilson
The Impact of Alcohol
on the Student Brain

Jo Wilson,
Keil Professor of Psychology, Wittenberg University
  Patti Ross
We Are I.T.

Patti Ross,
Dean of Information Technology and Engineering,
Edison Community
David Devier
Blended World of High
School and College

David Devier,
Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs, Clark State Community College
  Kendra Cipollini
Invasive Species

Kendra Cipollini,
Wilmington College
  Sukh Sidhu
Algae is the Answer!
Sukh Sidhu,
Associate Professor
in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Dept., Group Leader of Sustainable Environmental Technologies Group, University of Dayton
Doug Young
Life in Balance
Doug Young,
Athletic Director, Urbana University
  Jaime Adoff
Reflections on the Fictitious Teen Mind
Jaime Adoff,
alum of Central State University, Critically acclaimed author
  Chris Burns-DiBiasio
Grow Food, Grow Hope
Chris Burns-DiBiasio,
Director of Community Relations, Wilmington College
Michael Carter
Public Partnerships
Michael Carter,
Interim Senior Vice President, Sinclair Community College
  Dennis Sullivan
Stem Cell Research-Medical Advance or Moral Peril
Dennis Sullivan,
Professor of Biology Director, Center for Bioethics, Cedarville University
  Eric Fingerhut
Higher Ed Drives the Future of Ohio
Eric Fingerhut,
Chancellor, Ohio Board of Regents
David Bowman
Every Person Is a
Broadcast Channel

David Bowman,
alum from Wright State University and the University of Dayton, Chief Marketing Strategist for Penny, Ohlmann, Neiman
  Todd Dewett
Leadership and
The Ham

Todd Dewett,
Professor of Management in the Raj Soin College of Business, Wright State University
  Jim Malarkey
Humanities for Life
Jim Malarkey,
Professor of Humanities, Chair of Humanities and General Education for Undergraduate Studies Program, Antioch University Midwest