Strategic Plan

The SOCHE Board of Trustees adopted a new strategic plan on June 14, 2017. The plan was developed as part of SOCHE's 50th anniversary celebration.


Create educational and leadership opportunities for faculty, staff, and students.


  1. Envision and manage SOCHE conferences, workshops, and trainings for higher education.
  2. Form external partnerships that expand portfolio of professional development programs for members.
  3. Create an environment for collegiate networking and sharing best practices in teaching and learning.



Enhance employment prospects for students and graduates.


  1. Lead in the advocacy for and management of internships to build and retain the region’s workforce pipeline with a specialty in aerospace.
  2. Elevate and expand SOCHEIntern program through the introduction of additional services and increased outreach to host businesses.
  3. Measure and promote the impact of higher education on the regional workforce and economy.



Advance civic learning and engagement for administrators, faculty, staff, and students.


  1. Create learning opportunities that build civic knowledge and skills.
  2. Showcase community impact of higher education, as well as model community service on non-profit advisory committees, boards, and initiatives.
  3. Partner with organizations on initiatives that advance civic leadership and community engagement.



Be a model of excellence in collaboration that finds innovative solutions to higher education challenges in the region.


  1. Foster collaborative multi-stakeholder pa1inerships to address regional challenges.
  2. Capture and communicate the value of higher education, collaboration, and collective impact.
  3. Collaborate on the development of learning labs for students that provide practical experience and nurtures professionalism.



Maintain mission assurance, organizational innovation, and higher education longevity.


  1. Expand and diversify revenue streams to ensure long-term financial sustainability of SOCHE.
  2. Enhance internal systems, program assessment, and overall performance continuously.
  3. Support and sustain a competent, professional staff that embraces the organizational vision, mission, goals, and workplace values.
  4. Facilitate discussions to support and sustain SOCHE members through shared services, adjuncts, and joint purchases.