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About SOCHE Education Live Webinars

SOCHE partnered with the Boulder-based company Innovative Educators  to provide our members access to more than 100 professional development training courses, as well as access to unlimited live webinars. We teamed up with Innovative Educators  due to their expertise in providing online training for educators and the breadth of programming available for faculty, administrators, and staff. More so, the live webinars cover the most pressing topics in higher education that address:

As a result of our partnership, this valuable resource is available at NO COST to SOCHE members. All SOCHE members will have access SOCHE Education Live Webinars upon registration. Members must complete the initial registration and follow the instructions included in the confirmation email to use the free online webinars and training courses.

Register and Attend SOCHE Education Live Webinars

Step 1:
Browse Live Webinars

Click the button below to browse the Live Webinar calendar.

Click on the webinar you are interested in attending.

Step 2:
Choose and order a Live Webinar

Select the Live Webinar and Choose an Option from the Dropdown Menu.

Under the "Choose an Option" dropdown menu select either the lowest price option or the "Go2Knowledge" option.

Click the "Register" button.

Click either the "View Cart" or the "Checkout" button in the pop up box and click the "Checkout" button in your cart.

Step 3:
Complete your Live Webinar order.

Enter the discount code and complete your order.

In the right-hand sidebar, enter the discount code. Webinar discount codes are for SOCHE member use, only. If you need additional assistance, email

    Select Your Institution from the Dropdown (required)

    The coupon code is Soche17

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    Don't worry about the cost, the total will come to $0 in the last step.

    Click the "Apply" button.

    Enter your information and click the "Continue to payment method" button.

    Click the "Complete order" button.

    Step 4:
    You're registered.

    Congratulations! You're registered!

    You will receive a confirmation email after registering for a Live Webinar.

    Webinar Registration Tutorial

    Upcoming Live Webinars

    Do you have ideas for topics?

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    For more information on SOCHE Education On Demand, please contact Mindy Claggett 937.258.8890