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About Self-Care: Why YOU Matter

The glorious fall colors are fading, and shorter days announce the entrance of cold and dark weather. Winter and the holidays can be challenging in the best of times, but the ongoing pandemic has taken that “challenge” to a whole new level.

Now is the best time to rethink self-care, and it begins with realizing you cannot care for others if you are not caring for yourself.

SOCHE invites all employees from member institutions to a FREE virtual mental health seminar, “Self-Care: Why YOU Matter.” Join us on Friday, December 4, beginning at 9 a.m. for a check-up and the chance to learn and share self-care tips. We will identify self-care hurdles and work together to knock them down. Bring your favorite coping techniques and tools for sharing in this seminar led by Southern State’s Tom Payton, M.S., Ed.

Webinar access information will be sent to registrants shortly before the event.

About the Presenter

Tom Payton

Tom Payton, M.S., Ed.

Tom Payton serves as a Career and Mental Health Counselor at Southern State Community College, where he has been employed for the past ten years. In addition, he teaches Psychology at SSCC and has been an adjunct professor, teaching Career Counseling to graduate-level counseling students at both Xavier University and the University of Dayton for the past few years. His teaching philosophy is that learning takes place when we all learn together. Tom is a graduate of the UD Counselor Education program and is a Licensed Professional Counselor certified in Reality Therapy. He is married to Julie and has two daughters, Amanda and Heather. Both he and Julie live in Kettering.

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