Monitoring and Enhancing Financial Vitality – SOCHE

About "Monitoring and Enhancing Financial Vitality"

Stefano will conduct a workshop monitoring and enhancing financial vitality and identifying the core metrics that drive and affect an institution’s competitiveness in an increasingly competitive environment. 

The workshop is designed for SOCHE member presidents, chief financial officers, chief academic officers and institutional leaders. Each SOCHE member institution is able to send up to five individuals.

Please register for this event here by January 12th, 2018.

This event is free of charge for SOCHE member institutions. If you have any questions regarding the upcoming event please feel free to call or email Kimberly Weaver.

About the Keynote Speaker

Facilitator Stefano Falconi, BRG

Stefano Falconi is a Managing Director and leads Berkeley Research Group's global higher education practice. He has over 30 years of experience as an academic innovator in higher education, especially in the areas of finance, operations, and information technology. He brings an established record of success in managing the finance and operations of major research-intensive universities (Harvard University, MIT, Carnegie Mellon) and in turning around financially distressed smaller institutions, together with a deep commitment to the larger mission of the academic enterprise and a broad international perspective and connections, especially in Europe and the Middle East. He has extensive experience in assisting BRG clients in the process of USDA financing.

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