DAGSI Student Research Topics

2022 Topics

  Human Effectiveness Directorate (RH)  
Topic # Title Contact
RH22-1 Establishing mechanisms through which systemic inflammatory processes negatively impact brain structure, function, and ultimately, Aircrew readiness Dr. David Burch
RH22-2 Functionalized nucleic acids nanostructures for Airman augmentation Dr. Jorge Chavez
RH22-3 Synthetic Biology Approaches for Development of Biological Parts and Systems for Biosensing Applications Dr. Svetlana V. Harbaugh
RH22-4 Airmen Stress Scenario Simulation using Cultured Cells: Mitochondrial Health & Organ-Level Effects Dr. Saber Hussain
RH22-5 Effects of Inhaled Particles on Lung Surfactant Function: Impact on Airmen Readiness Engaged in High-demand, High-impact Mission Tasks Dr. Saber Hussain
RH22-6 Investigation of Biophotonic Cellular Communication to Understand Mechanisms of Performance Dr. Saber Hussain
RH22-7 Information and Fusion of Space Data Mr. John Ianni
RH22-8 Computational Models of the Spacing Effect Dr. Tiffany S. Jastrzembski
RH22-9 Develop, Test, and Validate Biomarker Sensors Dr. Steve Kim
RH22-10 Chronic Muscle Effect Model Under High Performance Flight Using Anybody Motion Analysis Software Dr. Casey W. Pirnstill
RH22-11 Mobile Display Concepts for Multi-Modal Data Dr. Vince Schmidt
RH22-12 Visualization and Fusion of Big Data Dr. Vince Schmidt

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Materials and Manufacturing Directorate (RX)
Topic # Title Contact
RX22-1 Molecular simulation of the biocompatibility and biodegradation of polymer hydrogels Dr. Rajiv Berry
RX22-2 Molecular simulation of enzyme-substrate complexes Dr. Rajiv Berry
RX22-3 Ab Initio Modeling of Point Defects for Quantum Information Science Dr. Luke Bissell
RX22-4 Synthesis and Integration of Quantum Light Sources and Quantum Sensors  Dr. Luke Bissell
RX22-5 Enzymes for biological programmability of synthetic polymers Dr. Caitlin Bojanowski
RX22-6 Design of Adaptive Material Networks for Sensing, Actuation and Physical Computing Dr. Philip Buskohl
RX22-7 Development and Behavior of High-Temperature Ceramic Matrix Composites Dr. Michael K. Cinibulk
RX22-8 Organic materials for nonlinear optics and photonic applications Dr. Thomas M. Cooper
RX22-9 Engineering Qubit-Phonon Interactions in Ultra-wide Bandgap Semiconductors for Room Temperature Quantum Technologies Dr. Chandriker Dass
RX22-10 Development of Mid IR Transparent Coatings for ZnSe Nanomaterial Dr. Steven Fairchild
RX22-11 Automated Process-Driven Design for Additive Manufacturing Dr. Andrew Gillman
RX22-12 Cooperative Human and Machine Learning for Manufacturing Dr. Andrew Gillman
RX22-13 Oxide Glass Research Dr. Jonathan Goldstein
RX22-14 Identification and evaluation of enzymes with molecular degradation potential via natural language processing machine learning models Eric S. Harper
RX22-15 Synthetic Biology for Materials Through Protein and Organism Engineering Dr. Chia-Suei Hung
RX22-16 Engineering Nonlinear Optical Materials Dr. John G. Jones
RX22-17 Creation of Materials, Manufacturing and Design Knowledge Representation via Self-assembly of Ontology Design Patterns Mrs. Elizabeth Loiacono
RX22-18 Ultra-wide bandgap (UWBG) materials for electronics and optoelectronics Dr. Shin Mou
RX22-19 Topological Insulator – Magnetic Material Heterostructures Dr. Adam T. Neal
RX22-20 Ultra-Wide Bandgap Materials for Power Electronics and RF Power Electronics Applications Dr. Adam T. Neal
RX22-21 Understanding onset of damage in multifunctional composite Dr. Dhriti Nepal
RX22-22 Exploration of Magnetization Dynamics in Ferromagnetic and Antiferromagnetic Materials Dr. Michael Page
RX22-23 Dynamic prediction of grain size distribution evolution during hot deformation Dr. Eric J. Payton
RX22-24 Automated multi-robot path planning under manufacturing process constraints Dr. Harry A Pierson
RX22-25 Performance and characterization of advanced composites for air and space applications in extreme environments Dr. Craig P. Przybyla
RX22-26 Advanced Processing of Ceramic and Ceramic Matrix Composite Structures Dr. Lisa M. Rueschhoff
RX22-27 Synthesis and Mechanical Actuation of Helically Chiral Molecules and Polymer Fibrils Dr. Davide L. Simone
RX22-28 Process Modeling for Polymer Matrix Composites Dr. Davide L. Simone
RX22-29 Printable soft elastomers for soft robotic applications Ms. Laura Sowards
RX22-30 Flexible Electronics for Responsive Structures and Sensors Dr. Christopher Tabor
RX22-31 Omics and bioinformatics for microbiomes and materials Dr. Vanessa Varaljay
RX22-32 Understanding Structural Mechanics of MXene Composites using Atomistic Modeling Dr. Vikas Varshney
RX22-33 Predicting Solution Strengthening in FCC Ni Alloys Dr. Christopher Woodward
RX22-34 Predicting Phase Stability in Chemically Complex alloys

Dr. Christopher Woodward

RX22-35 Engineering Photonic Materials Using Exceptional Points

Dr. Robert Bedford

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Aerospace Systems (RQ)
Topic # Title Contact
RQ22-1 Integrated Resilient, Robust and Predictive Control of Propulsion/Power Systems for Improved Reliability and Performance Dr. Al Behbahani
RQ22-2 Integrated Control, Diagnostics and Health Management for Next Generation Propulsion Systems Dr. Al Behbahani
RQ22-3 Aerothermoelastic Analysis Methodologies for Aircraft Design Dr. Philip S. Beran
RQ22-4 Multi-Fidelity Analysis Methods for Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Dr. Philip S. Beran
RQ22-5 Numerical Simulation of High Mach Number Viscous Flow Dr. Nick Bisek
RQ22-6 Advanced Flight Control Dr. Michael Bolender
RQ22-7 Leveraging Both Experimental and Computational Data to Study Hypersonic Flight

Dr. Matthew Borg

Dr. Matthew Tufts

RQ22-8 Advanced Thermal Management System Simulator-1. Cryogenic Fuels

Dr. Christopher E. Bunker

Dr. William K. Lewis

Dr. Paul J. Wrzesinski

RQ22-9 Control Techniques for Two Phase Thermal Management Dr. Larry Byrd
RQ22-10 Electric Capacitance Tomography Development for Two Phase Flow Dr. Larry Byrd
RQ22-11 Predictive Capability for Multidisciplinary Design under Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analyses for Hypersonic Systems Dr. Jose Camberos
RQ22-12 Supersonic Combustion Ramjet Research Dr. Campbell Carter
RQ22-13 Compact and Novel Combustion Concepts Dr. Andrew Caswell
RQ22-14 High-Altitude Combustion Ignition and Relight Research Dr. Andrew Caswell
RQ22-15 Enabling Robust and Durable Aerospace Structures for Combined, Extreme Environments Dr. Ravi Chona
RQ22-16 Unsteady Aerodynamics and Heat Transfer in Turbines Dr. John Clark
RQ22-17 Bio-Inspired Control and Health Management System development for Turbine Engines Dr. Al Behbahani
RQ22-18 High Capacity Cathode Materials Functionalized with Carbon for Lithium-based Batteries Dr. Joseph P. Fellner
RQ22-19 Intelligent Power Systems for Next Generation Aircraft

Dr. Joseph P. Fellner

Dr. James Scofield

RQ22-20 Efficient Small Scale Propulsion and Power Systems Dr. Mark Fernelius
RQ22-21 Enhanced Optical Flow Diagnostics/ Minimization of Particle Seeding Benjamin Hagen
RQ22-22 Active Thrust Balance of Engine Mainshaft Bearings Mr. Brian D. Nicholson
RQ22-23 Wall-Modeled LES of Shock-boundary layer interaction (SBLI) Ez A. Hassan
RQ22-24 Thermochemical Nonequilibrium Modeling in High Speed Flows Dr. Ashley Verhoff
RQ22-25 Mechanical strengthened interfaces of 3D-Printable Multifunctional Solid State Batteries Dr. Thomas G. Howell
RQ22-26 Advanced Structural Concepts for lighter and low cost Aircrafts Dr. James Joo
RQ22-27 Planning, Guidance, and Control for Multiple UAV Cooperative Operations Dr. Derek Kingston
RQ22-28 High Work High Efficiency Low Pressure Turbine Aerodynamics

Dr. Christopher Marks

Dr. Rolf Sondergaard

RQ22-29 Product Line Engineering Research for Low Cost Air Vehicle Concepts Dr. Douglas P. Meador
RQ22-30 Low-Speed, Unsteady Aerodynamics: Physics, Modeling, and Control

Dr. Albert Medina

RQ22-31 Advanced Analytical Tools for Turbine Engine Bearing Compartments

Mr. Brian D. Nicholson

RQ22-32 Combustion Enhancement in High-Speed Flows Dr. Timothy Ombrello

Multiscale, Multiphysics and Multifidelity Modeling of Aircraft Power and Thermal Systems

Dr. Soumya S. Patnaik

RQ22-34 Innovative Active Flow Control for Aircraft Aerodynamics Enhancement Ryan Plumley
RQ22-35 Basic Research in Energy and Combustion Science

Dr. Brent A. Rankin

RQ22-36 Large Eddy Simulations of Turbulent Combustion Systems  Dr. Brent A. Rankin
RQ22-37 Analysis and optimization of advanced hybrid electric architectures for next generation tactical unmanned aerial systems (UAS)

Dr. Michael A Rottmayer

RQ22-38 Weapons Bay Shear Layer Physics Quantified with High Fidelity Computational Fluid Dynamics Dr. Ryan F. Schmit
RQ22-39 High Frequency Load Measurements of Slender Bodies in Unsteady Flow Fields Dr. Ryan F. Schmit
RQ22-40 Chimera Hole Cutting for High-Order Discontinuous Galerkin Fluid Solver Christopher Schrock
RQ22-41 Structural Dynamics & Mechanics of Turbomachinery Components Dr. Onome Scott-Emuakpor
RQ22-42 Data Science Based Approaches for Modeling Electronics, Devices, and Systems with Control Applications Mr. Kenneth Semega
RQ22-43 Residual Stress Engineering Technologies for Airframe Life Extension Dr. Thomas J. Spradlin
RQ22-44 Magnetocaloric effect of Ni-Mn based Heusler alloys Dr. Zafer Turgut
RQ22-45 Design Approaches for Hypersonic Inlet and Isolator Operability Ms. Heidi Wilkin
RQ22-46 System Engineering for Energy and Power Integration Coupled with Validation Testing Dr. Kirk Yerkes
RQ22-47 Advancement of Automated Aerospace Structural Design Dr. Andrew Zakrajsek
RQ22-48 Control Techniques for Aircraft Energy Management Dr. Jon Zumberge
RQ22-49 Trajectory Planning for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Dr. Dave Grymin
RQ22-50 Design and Verification of Automatic, Autonomous, and Intelligent Aerospace Control Systems Dr. Kerianne Hobbs
RQ22-51 Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for Air-Launched Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Dr. Paul A. Fleitz
RQ22-52 Computational Design, Analysis and Integration of Aircraft Power and Thermal Management Subsystems Dr. Soumya S. Patnaik
RQ22-53 Digital Engineering and Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) for Aircraft Power and Thermal Subsystems Dr. Soumya S. Patnaik
RQ22-54 Modeling and Simulation Study of Aircraft Environmental Control System for UAS Military Aircraft Dr. Abdeel J. Roman
RQ22-55 Study of DEW thermal performance under aircraft mission profile conditions Dr. Abdeel J. Roman
RQ22-56 Two-phase flow thermal systems study for UAS aircraft applications Dr. Abdeel J. Roman
RQ22-57 Analysis and Development of Inlet Systems for Gas Turbine Engines Dr. Stuart Benton
RQ22-58 Analytic Sensitivities and Machine Learning applied to Uncertainty Quantification for Multidisciplinary Systems Analysis & Design Optimization Dr. Edwin E. Forster
RQ22-59 Machine Learning Approaches in Computational Fluid Mechanics Christopher Schrock
RQ22-60 Detonation Engine Propulsion Research

Dr. Adam Holley

Robert Fievisohn

RQ22-61 Fan and Compressor Experimental Aerodynamics Dr. Michael G. List
RQ22-62 Fan and Compressor Design, Modeling, and Simulation Dr. Michael G. List
RQ22-63 Unsteady Flow Physics and Aerodynamic Flow Control in High-Work Low Pressure Turbine Passages Dr. Christopher Marks
RQ22-64 Computer Science/Pattern Tracking/ ML to enhance flow visualization techniques for Unsteady Aerodynamics and Heat Transfer Turbine Research Natalia A. Posada
RQ22-65 Multidisciplinary nonlinear time-spectral methods for air vehicle design Dr. Nathan A. Wukie
RQ22-66 Goal-oriented adaptive methods for air vehicle design Dr. Nathan A. Wukie
RQ22-67 Coupling Computational Fluid Dynamics {CFO} Analysis and Optimization Techniques for Scramjet Engine Design Applications Dr. Mark Hagenmaier

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Sensors Directorate (RY)
Topic # Title Contact
RY22-1 High Performance LWIR Detectors and Focal Plane Arrays Based on 111-V Antimonide Based Materials Dr. Gamini Ariyawansa
RY22-2 Printed, Flexible Microwave Circuits Dr. Carrie M. Bartsch
RY22-3 Gamification to Advance Reinforcement Learning Dr. Trevor Bihl
RY22-4 Advancing Analogical Reasoning for Artificial Intelligence Dr. Trevor Bihl
RY22-5 Symbols to describe Al systems Dr. Trevor Bihl
RY22-6 Synthesis and Characterization of Sh-x-vGexSnv Alloys Dr. Bruce Claflin
RY22-7 Analysis Feedback Loop to System Model for Digital Design Iteration Capt Keith Dreyer
RY22-8 Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Analysis Chain for Air-Based Sensors Capt Keith Dreyer
RY22-9 Coupled Semiconductor Laser Arrays Dr. Ricky Gibson
RY22-10 Interconnects for Scalable Integration of Heterogeneous Photonic Devices Dr. Matthew Hagedon
RY22-11 Printed and Flexible Electronics and Photonics for USAF Sensor Applications Dr. Emily M. Heckman
RY22-12 Nanopatterned Phase-Change Materials for High-Speed, Continuous Phase Modulation Dr. Joshua Hendrickson
RY22-13 Design and Verification of Automatic, Autonomous, and Intelligent Aerospace control Systems Dr. Kerianne Hobbs
RY22-14 Electronic-grade dielectric integration for high-power, high frequency electronic devices Dr. Ahmad E. Islam
RY22-15 Optical and electrical characterization of topological materials Dr. Arnold Kiefer
RY22-16 Novel materials and devices for nonlinear frequency conversion Dr. Rita D. Peterson
RY22-17 Reconfigurable Radio Frequency (RF) Technology for Adaptable Phased-Arrays and Cognitive Electronic Warfare (EW) Applications Tony K. Quach
RY22-18 Event Sequence Learning from Textual Scenario Descriptions Dr. Michael L. Talbert
RY22-19 Conjugated Polymers for Infrared or RF Applications Dr. Jarrett Vella
RY22-20 Wide-aperture nonlinear and nonreciprocal multilayers for optical switching, limiting, isolation, and enhanced light detection

Dr. llya Vitebskiy

Dr. Igor Anisimov

RY22-21 Evolutionary Methodologies to Provide Next-Generation Avionics Resiliency

Dr. David A. Kapp

RY22-22 Adaptable and Resilient Control Systems for Next Generation Avionics Embedded Systems

Dr. Tern Kebede

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