Beginning January 31, 2019, a new Cooperative Agreement between AFRL and SOCHE has opened many doors within the AFRL/DAGSI relationship. The new programs under this agreement (AFRL Interns and out of State project sponsorship) are in the process of being developed, therefore this page will be updated as more information becomes available.  If you have questions concerning the information below, please contact Kim Elam, DAGSI Program Manager, at

AFRL Interns

If you are interested in applying for an internship at AFRL, fill out an application for SOCHEIntern at

AFRL Mentors

If you are interested in becoming an AFRL mentor, contact Kim Elam at

Guidelines for Hiring Interns

  • Government scientists will initiate projects where they will define the undergraduate student knowledge/skill required for their project. DAGSI will furnish the Government with a group of suitable students for selection. The student selected will arrange work schedules for each project suitable to both the research and Government milestones.
  • Each research project shall be initiated by written authorization given existing TD processes. DAGSI shall perform and administer each project after authorization is given to proceed. The Government Project Engineer shall be notified if there will be any schedule conflicts. The student shall ensure that the project has a completed schedule.
  • Only Scientific and engineering research in support of all AFRL technical areas will be authorized. The work will not include services of an administrative or clerical nature.
  • Not all requests for undergraduate research may be able to be accommodated by the recipient due to limitations in funding, the recipient workforce or agreement constraints.

AFRL/DAGSI Research Program Project Sponsorship of Graduate or Undergraduate Students

  • AFRL will provide Graduate program research topics, which include brief descriptions of the topics and identification of mentors, to DAGSI using existing Technology Directorate processes, and in accordance with the DAGSI schedule.
  • AFRL will provide undergraduate student projects through AFRL Research Program Managers throughout the year on an as-needed basis.
  • Using the existing AFRL processes, being responsive to the DAGSI schedule and State funding constraints, the Directorates will work with the Program Manager to identify the prioritized set of proposals that can be supported by State funding.
  • At their discretion a Directorate or Directorates can provide additional funding to the recipient to either expand the work effort on a proposal or to fund additional proposals.
  • The Directorate(s)will provide the DAGSI Program Manager with the list of proposals and any work content changes that will be funded by the Directorate(s) in a manner responsive to the program schedule.
  • The Directorate(s) will define constraints on their spending and will work with the DAGSI Program Manager to structure full project funding in combination with DAGSI program funding, if necessary.
  • University participants may include students and faculty in technical disciplines at any Ohio research university that participates in the Ohio Department of Higher Education Research Officers’ Council. For AFRL funded projects, this requirement can be expanded to include Universities outside of Ohio.
  • Students/Faculty who work on base must be U.S. citizens. For research at the university site, the recipient and the TDs are responsible for following AFRL policies and guidance.
  • Students must be enrolled as full-time graduate or undergraduate students.
  • Faculty applicants must be full-time, tenured or tenure-track. Senior research faculty may apply provided they work closely with and advise students.
  • Projects solely funded by AFRL dollars are renewable based on funding availability of the sponsoring TD.

Graduate Student Involvement of Other AFRL Sites

DAGSl program funding from the state of Ohio must support Ohio institutions. However, AFRL funding would enable opening the program to other AFRL locations (e.g., Kirtland Air Force Base, NM; Eglin Air Force Base, FL; and Rome, NY) and to other universities outside Ohio. If a potential opportunity outside of Wright Patterson Air Force Base presents itself, the DAGSI Program Manager and AFRL will work together to explore how it might be implemented within the guidelines of this Cooperative Agreement and the recipient’s agreements with the state of Ohio.