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Period of Performance: January 31, 2019 - January 30, 2024
Beginning January 31, 2019, a new Cooperative Agreement between AFRL and SOCHE has opened many doors within the AFRL/DAGSI relationship. If you have questions concerning the information below, please contact Kim Marshall, DAGSI Program Manager, at

AFRL Interns

If you are interested in applying for an internship at AFRL, fill out an application for SOCHEintern here. You can find out information about all SOCHEintern programs by visiting

AFRL Mentors

If you are interested in becoming an AFRL mentor, contact Kim Marshall at

SOCHE is currently hiring undergraduate and graduate students for intern positions across AFRL research directorates located at Wright-Patterson AFB.

NOTE: Not all requests for undergraduate or graduate research may be able to be accommodated by the recipient due to limitations in funding, the recipient workforce or agreement constraints.


This fact sheet will assist government engineers and scientists with the SOCHEIntern hiring process step by step. Questions can be directed to Kim Marshall at

  1. Review the Cooperative Agreement (CA) to determine if your intern needs are covered by the subject CA – see below for the critical excerpt:

    Agreement Excerpt from Appendix A, paragraph 5 to SOW:
    5.1 Government scientists will initiate projects where they will define the student knowledge/skill required for their project. SOCHE will furnish the Government with a group of suitable students for selection. The student selected will arrange work schedules for each project suitable to both the research and Government milestones. 5.2 Each research project shall be initiated by written authorization given existing TD processes. SOCHE will perform and administer each project after authorization is given to proceed. The Government Project Engineer shall be notified if there will be any schedule conflicts. The student shall ensure that the project as a completed schedule. 5.3 Only scientific and engineering research in support of all AFRL technical areas will be authorized. The work will not include services of an administrative or clerical nature.

    1. Identify the funding source and ensure the dollars are in place for student funding
    2. Identify the type of work to be complete – build a position description
    3. Identify the types of students needed
    4. SOCHE recruits – sends resumes to organization point of contact

  2. Identify the funding source within your TD and ensure the required dollars (must be 3600 funds) are available to be transferred to the CA by having your TD FM move the funds. (Internal to AFRL use Form 9)
    • If you have an Intern Project Number, with available funds, you can use this line for your new intern.
    • If you do not have an Intern Project Number with available dollars, you will need to setup a new funding line through your FM.
  3. Discuss your student needs with SOCHE (i.e. major, student level, special certifications, job description (SOW), etc.). Based on your needs as well as your estimated length of the internship, SOCHE can give you a rough order of magnitude cost for your project.
  4. SOCHE recruits and sends resumes to government scientist/engineer based on the information given in Step 3.
    • If a qualified student has already been selected, skip to Step 6.
  5. Government scientist/engineer interviews and selects the student/s and notifies SOCHE.
  6. SOCHE will complete the final Quote/SOW based on the student selection.
  7. SOCHE will make official position offer to student.
  8. SOCHE will in-process the student and ready them for SOCHE employment.

*AFRL/RX scientists/engineers should reach out to Brittany Edwards, Senior Program Manager (

AFRL/DAGSI RESEARCH PROGRAM (Faculty/Student Research Projects)

The AFRL/DAGSI Ohio Student-Faculty Research Fellowship program, funded primarily by the Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE), supports science and engineering graduate students and faculty who conduct research in areas targeted by the Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. As of January 2019, DAGSI also has a Cooperative Agreement (FA8650-19-2-9300) with AFRL. This agreement is flexible, allowing for AFRL to either cost-share with ODHE and/or a university or to fund a project in its entirety. Prospective competitive applicants should discuss this possibility with their topic sponsors.

Information on guidelines and applications for AFRL funded projects is mainly the same as ODHE funded projects and can be found at

However, unlike the ODHE funded projects which are competitive and only awarded once a year, AFRL fully funded projects can happen at any time of the year. These can be newly developed projects, or the Technology Directorates have the ability to pick up projects that did not receive ODHE funding during a specific competitive cycle. Projects fully funded by AFRL may also support universities outside of Ohio.

A completed application package and DAGSI approved budget must be received prior to AFRL obligation of funds. The DAGSI Program Manager will notify the AFRL project sponsor when the package is complete.


4.06 COST PRINCIPLES (MAR 2015) (August 2020)

The cost principles applicable to this agreement are contained in 2 CFR 200, Subpart E, Cost Principles. 2 CFR describes the cost principles for determining allowability of costs applicable to lower tier, cost type contracts or awards under this agreement shall be determined by type of entity receiving the lower tier contract or award. All awards are subject to a 26% cap on their F&A rates. F&A is not to be applied to Tuition Remission.

Once DAGSI receives the matching obligation, a contract will then be completed between DAGSI and the student’s university. The application package and guidelines can be found at

Projects solely funded by AFRL dollars are renewable based on funding availability of the sponsoring TD and do not follow the renewal requirements required by the ODHE guidelines.

AFRL-fully funded projects follow the same reporting requirements as the ODHE funded projects. This information can be found at

If you are interested in being an AFRL sponsor, please contact Kim Marshall (DAGSI Program Manager) at for more information.

Graduate Student Involvement of Other AFRL Sites

DAGSI program funding from the state of Ohio must support Ohio institutions. However, AFRL funding would enable opening the program to other AFRL locations (e.g., Kirtland Air Force Base, NM; Eglin Air Force Base, FL; and Rome, NY) and to other universities outside Ohio. If a potential opportunity outside of Wright Patterson Air Force Base presents itself, the DAGSI Program Manager and AFRL will work together to explore how it might be implemented within the guidelines of this Cooperative Agreement and the recipient’s agreements with the state of Ohio.