Women's Centers Committee Resources


The Women’s Centers Committee is the first joint committee of the Greater Cincinnati Consortium of Colleges and Universities (GC3) and the Southwestern Ohio Council for Higher Education (SOCHE). The committee gathers to network, share resources and best practices, and support each other in their campus and community efforts; in 2010, the Committee started publishing issue briefs.


  1. To provide opportunities for Women’s Center staff to meet on a regular basis and provide campus updates, exchange ideas and identify areas of common concern
  2. To serve as a resource for Women’s Centers in the region, state, and/or nation on an ongoing basis
  3. To identify and pursue 1-2 strategic initiatives for each academic year
  4. To create, analyze, and disseminate knowledge around existing data and data still needed to inform the work of Women’s Centers

Scheduled Meetings

Contact Mindy Claggett by phone at (937) 258-8890 or by email at mindy.claggett@soche.org for all upcoming meeting dates, committee information, and to join this committee.