Public Relations & Marketing Committee


The Public Relations and Marketing Committee:

  • Develops strategies to advance the value of regional higher education and an understanding of the significant contributions to economic and community development
  • Identifies trends and issues that affect other SOCHE councils and committees and higher education in general
  • Positions SOCHE to respond to these trends and issues in the appropriate context
  • Provides a forum for sharing, networking, and joint opportunities to meet with colleagues, media representatives, and community leaders on topics pertinent to higher education
  • Occasionally hosts and participates in specified professional development activities
  • Advances and assists in marketing the major programs of the consortium, including Cross Registration, Degree Finder, professional development activities, student-centered events, and related activities

Scheduled Meetings

Upcoming Meetings

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Shannon Miller

University of Dayton

Vice Chair

Shawn Robinson

University of Dayton

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