Diversity and Inclusive Excellence Committee


The Diversity Initiatives Committee was created in 2001 with a name change in 2014.

The committee:

  • enables the creation and maintenance of professional networks between SOCHE member campuses that will develop a consortium-wide approach to the needs of creating educational equity
  • provides professional support and renewal for those who wish to enhance their skills through involvement in an inter-institutional and interdisciplinary community of peers
  • encourages dialogue about how various aspects of diversity impact the campus life experience, and identify trends and issues that campus climate and town/gown relations and, prepare students, administrators, faculty, and staff to meet them
  • enables productive exchanges of information about learning and teaching in both curricular and co-curricular contexts
  • identifies, disseminates, and fosters effective approaches to teaching, learning, and faculty development
  • develop consortial and public recognition programs for outstanding diversity programs on the member institution campuses.


To provide a structure across post-secondary education in southwest Ohio to support the development of the skills and knowledge necessary to meet the needs of a multicultural society on the part of faculty, staff, students, and institutions of higher education.


Inter-culturally competent institutions of higher education in southwest Ohio that educate students from every sector of our broadly diverse community to be successfully employed and engaged global citizens.

Scheduled Meetings

Contact Mindy Claggett by phone at (937) 258-8890 or by email at mindy.claggett@soche.org for all upcoming meeting dates, committee information, and to join this committee.