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Education Resources

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Calling All Education and Training Providers

Education and training partners can start working with us to list their education and training programs for the Educational Resources Bank for both the workforce and students.

Current Higher Education Programs

Ohio’s public and private universities currently offer aviation and aerospace programs at several institutions, including:

Building the Aerospace Educational Resources Bank

The APDC is committed to connecting Ohio’s current and future workforce to the education and professional development resources around Ohio that help them meet their career goals. Whether you are looking for STEM degree or professional programs or additional training, we’ll cover all opportunities aerospace and defense related, from software development to GIS specialists to engineering fields and logistics and project management.

You can now plan your career steps and any educational stops along the way by visiting the career planning section of Ohio Means Jobs. If you would like to search educational opportunities on your own, please visit the websites below for Ohio-based colleges and universities.

Resources for Adult Workforce

For Ohio adult workers who are going back to school, or who are in employment transition, visit Ohio’s education portal here.