About – SOCHE



The Aerospace Professional Development Center at SOCHE works across Ohio with the aerospace and defense industry and government, higher education institutions and STEM organizations and initiatives to ensure Ohio’s Aerospace and Defense workforce needs are met.

Whom We Serve

Current Aerospace and Defense employees looking to advance in their career.
We will help you identify continuing education and professional development that will help you reach your goals as well as help you find job openings requiring your education and experience.

Recent graduates and current students in aerospace and defense related disciplines.
Whether your background is in engineering, other STEM fields, or business, we will assist you in finding co-ops and internships and entry level openings as well as identify what skill sets you will need upon graduation to be job-ready in Ohio.

Transitional employees looking to enter Aerospace or Defense from another field.
Our website will guide you to an understanding of the education and professional development programs available across the state as well as an understanding of what education and training is required to enter these fields. Additionally, we’ll help you find the co-ops and internships you need.

High school students with STEM interest.
Working with the STEM Leadership Institute, we’ll help you find the right path for you to earn a job in the Aerospace or Defense Industry in Ohio by connecting you with the right programs, internships, and mentoring programs that will give you exposure to careers in the field.