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Today's interns are tomorrow's workforce. Build up your workforce pipeline by hiring interns.

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About the 20 by 20 CHALLENGE

The 20 by 20 CHALLENGE is an initiative of the colleges and universities that comprise the Southwestern Ohio Council for Higher Education (SOCHE).

In 2012, SOCHE issued a challenge to higher education and the business community: increase the number of internships to 20,000 by 2020—the 20 by 20 CHALLENGE. Along with several strategic partners, including the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce, Dayton Development Coalition, and UpDayton, SOCHE identified internships as a mechanism for economic stability and growth. 

Collaboration with regional businesses continues to be the key to achieving this 20 by 20 CHALLENGE. Local businesses make a difference by placing more capable student interns in their organizations, thus enhancing productivity while allowing the interns to gain the skills needed to enter the workforce.

Internships are the pipeline to the future workforce that will drive the creative economy in our region.