2012 Ohio Teaching and Learning Conference



November 8th and 9th
Wright State University

This year's Teaching and Learning Conference is part of SOCHE's 45th anniversary celebration. Much has changed over the last 45 years. For one, today's students are digital natives, so plugged in that they spend more than half of their waking day connected to social media and digital technology absorbing and co-creating information. Campuses are also seeing the most demographically diverse student population in their history, which will continue to increase exponentially into the future.

Like all SOCHE programs, this conference will bring together academics and administrators from community colleges, public universities, and private colleges and universities to explore a sense of unity of purpose as they strive toward understanding and shaping the future of higher education.

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45th Anniversary

Don't miss these Keynote Speakers!

José Antonio Bowen

Timothy K. Eatman

Martha J. Kanter

Michael Wesch

A Vision of Students Today
Michael Wesch

Teaching Naked
José Antonio Bowen


Single Day
Member Fee: $125
Non-Member Fee: $175
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Two Days
Member Fee: $200
Non-Member Fee: $250
SOCHE Members

Student/Adjunct Fee is $35
and includes both days.

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